“Secret Story, the daily”: Lou automatically nominated, Cameron new master of the house

“Secret Story, the daily”: Lou automatically nominated, Cameron new master of the house
“Secret Story, the daily”: Lou automatically nominated, Cameron new master of the house

Things happened this weekend in Secret Story. Already on Friday evening, after the daily, the After reshuffled the cards of the game. Barely returning from the airlock, the two twins Léo and Lou were indeed confronted with a heavy dilemma.

The fraternal twins had to choose which of the two would collect the prize pool from Ulysses, who had just been eliminated, and who would be automatically nominated. After several hours of reflection, Lou decides to leave in the airlock, for the third week in a row. “I put Leo before myself, that’s my philosophy of life. And Leo is part of me now”confesses the young woman.

Twins in danger

But did this dilemma of the Voice really have a winner and a loser? Not really, when we know that Charlène buzzed Lou and Léo with the good secret at the end of the week and that she could recover both jackpots. It is also time for the young woman to confront the duo.

After a confrontation where the two tried to make people believe that they would do anything for each other, Charlene validated her buzz.

Alexis wants to reshuffle the cards of the game

For her part, Alexis has only one objective: to join the numerically inferior clan led by Lou and Maxence. And he is determined to convince them to place their trust in him. And just as determined to convince Zoé and Cameron to join this same group. Zoé appears receptive, even if she sets the scene straight away: “I’m ready to betray everyone, I don’t care. Betrayal is no big deal Secret Story.

A state of mind which obviously does not appeal to Lou: “This alliance with Alexis scares me compared to what they did to us the first week. I’m not 100% reassured”, she explains. For the first votes, Alexis and Zoé had in fact turned around at the last moment, sending Lou and Maxence into the airlock.

Léo becomes more of a strategist. Even if he does not fully trust Alexis and his companions, he knows that the three can be of great help for the rest of the adventure. “It can help us overturn the votes”he analyzes.

“Secret Story”: Cameron masters the game

Especially since at the end of the Sunday game, it is Cameron who becomes master of the house this week. The Sunday game consisted of a giant game of chaos with each can bearing the image of a candidate. Cameron managed to avoid his opponents’ bullets until the end.

And if his whole clan thinks that he is going to nominate Perrine, the choice of the third eliminated from Cameron could well hold surprises… In the confessional, the young man assures him: Perrine, Maxence and Léo will not be chosen. A decision that could be a bolt from the blue in Secret Story Wednesday when the nominations were announced.



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