Lille. 7:36… or the story of a photo: discover Marc Capelle’s new book

Lille. 7:36… or the story of a photo: discover Marc Capelle’s new book
Lille. 7:36… or the story of a photo: discover Marc Capelle’s new book


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May 13, 2024 at 1:54 p.m.

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Former director of the Lille Higher School of Journalism and novelist Marc Capelle publishes a book on the history of a photo.

Imagine that every morning on the way to your children’s school, just like Lille resident Marc Capelle, you took a photo at a specific time, 7:36 a.m.. At that time you could have taken the train and it might have been late, but you took a photo.

Love for photography

This little booklet signed Marc Capelle, former director of the École Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille and author of a number of novels, is the fruit of his love for photography.

But be careful, this does not necessarily make him a photographer, a term he rejects and he also hesitated for a long time to add his images to this already saturated world.

It all started as a child thanks to a “Knowledge of the World” session and the presentation of Abbé Montagne’s travels photographed with an Instamatic. Little Marc, who also had an Instamatic, then realized that it is the photographer’s eye that is more important than his tool.

Throughout his career as a written press journalist and trainer which took him quite a bit to Eastern Europe, he had the opportunity to meet many photographers (Marc Riboud, Daniel Psenny, Jean-Marc Vantournhoudt, Hervé Robillard, Laurent Van de Stockt, Milomir Kovasevic, Fabrice Dekoninck, Éric Dessert, Bernard Plossu, Gérard Rondeau….).

Freezing time and the moment in Lille

Maybe he remembers these encounters when he takes his smartphone out of his pocket to take a photo or maybe not.

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The photos from 7:36 a.m. were first published around 7:36 a.m. on social networks without a title and without specifying a location. The people of Lille can play guessing games and others simply appreciate the subject, the framing, the poetry…

“I think I try, more or less consciously, to freeze time and the moment,” Marc Capelle tells us, who felt the need to fix these little memory bubbles on paper.

His book offers some reflections on the place of photography in our lives.

Françoise Objois

Editions Marc Capelle, 80 pages. Price: €10. On sale exclusively in Lille at the Nouvelle Librairie Internationale VO, 66 rue Gustave Delory in Lille, or on

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