CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL is recruiting for this position (May 12, 2024)

CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL is recruiting for this position (May 12, 2024)
CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL is recruiting for this position (May 12, 2024)

CANAL+INTERNATIONAL is the subsidiary of the CANAL+ GROUP in charge of International and French Overseas.

CANAL+INTERNATIONAL is present in more than 40 territories in Africa Sub-Saharan, Eastern , Asia and Overseas, and has a base of nearly 12 million subscribers.

In strong growth for several years, the GROUP continues its expansion with the opening of new subsidiaries, the diversification of its international activities, and a growing number of employees (more than 4,500 employees worldwide)

The DOP contributes to the subsidiary strategy with the CODIR and translates the vision into optimized operational actions on the IS, Logistics, Technical, General Resources, Purchasing and Anti-piracy scopes.

He manages the implementation of these actions with performance objectives.

It also promotes a Lean organization within the subsidiary.


The DOP ensures the supervision of Technical activities placed under the Operational responsibility of the Technical Manager.

  • Ensure the quality of services to customers in terms of audiovisual distribution on satellite, TNT, OTT networks and any partner network distributing all or part of Canal+ offers
  • Ensure the quality of service of decoders and their proper functioning. Validate line-up changes and editorial or technical modifications on all C+ devices and partners distributing the offers.
  • Ensure the contribution of local and private channels to the group’s centralized network head and quality monitoring in conjunction with publishers and technical contribution providers.
  • Manage and develop all technical teams (antenna operators and after-sales service technicians) by setting up an operational organization to meet the needs expressed by Management, and by measuring the quality of services, with the objectives of a minimum rate 60% of “Completed OK -TOK” installations of the Service + program (Training, accreditation, audit of B2C and B2B installations)
  • Ensure the fight against piracy via the various actions put in place by the Central Anti-Piracy Department (Technological Monitoring, monitoring of IP cuts and blocking, animation of the reporting of FP Codes by internal actors, PDS feedback from cable operators, dissemination findings , dismantling, etc.)
  • Assist the CANAL+ Africa Technical Department in the search for technical solutions adapted to needs
  • Carry out cross-functional technical missions on behalf of the group

The DOP assists the technical manager in relations with the various stakeholders within the subsidiary

  • National and private publishers: regular exchanges, sharing of KPIs, validation of parties’ satisfaction
  • Supervisory authorities: regular exchanges with the ministry(ies) concerned and administrative authorities
  • Players in the audiovisual market: regular exchanges with telecom operators, contribution partners, and any technical player involved in the content distribution chain.

Computer System

The DOP ensures the supervision of IT activities placed under the operational responsibility of the IT Manager. He will have to carry out his missions by applying Situational Intelligence, while promoting collective work with kindness and humility.

  • Monitor the performance of the IS team with the IT Africa C+I referent;
  • Monitor the quality of IT service through dashboards with your team while monitoring internal KPIs. The latter based on the ticketing tool and the state of progress of projects with constructive criticism on the state of the tools, office automation, network, processing of requests, etc. ;
  • Inform and/or involve the IS in business projects in advance by maintaining a transversal internal communication flow;
  • Monitor cross-functional Group projects for which the IS team may be a stakeholder and/or contributor by evaluating local impacts and interactions;
  • Monitor the Pan-African IT projects/works assigned to the subsidiary (Examples: Intune, PRA/PCA, SSI, WiFi Harmonization, Firewall Migration, centralized controls) while ensuring compliance with roadmaps and availability of the IS team;
  • Support and support the IS team with the different teams and the CODIR on IT projects and issues with communication reinforcement;
  • Support financial, project and technical arbitrations.


The DOP ensures the supervision of Logistics activities placed under the Operational responsibility of the Logistics Manager.

  • He ensures compliance with order validation procedures in order to guarantee the availability of stock in the distribution network, and to ensure that there are no stock shortages.
  • He ensures the organization and smooth running of the inventory, in close collaboration with the Logistics Manager and ensures that stock gaps are as low as possible.
  • He is responsible for optimizing logistics costs in the logistics chain. As such, it must constantly explore and adopt the most competitive Logistics solutions.
  • In collaboration with the Logistics Manager, he develops downstream Logistics procedures as well as training content for stock managers in Logistics procedures and processes.
  • He ensures the monitoring of stock management KPIs by the various stock managers (CB, RB, warehouse stock managers Annexes)
  • He ensures compliance with the procedure for raising customs file funds by the freight forwarder in order to anticipate the risk of penalties in the event of a Customs inspection and provide a solution as quickly as possible.
  • He ensures that the tracking file for the archiving of customs file funds is updated for a non-time-consuming search of file funds if necessary.
  • In collaboration with the Logistics Manager, he develops dashboards for collecting data on the performance of inventory management providers and that of the downstream transport provider.
  • It processes and analyzes data on the performance of stock managers as well as that of service providers with a view to implementing the necessary actions as part of the process of continuous improvement of performance in the Logistics chain.


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