Aaron tries to save Renaud who is sinking, Marianne destroyed – Tomorrow belongs to us May 17, 2024 (episode 1688 – full summary)

Renaud had some hope of getting out of it…but the worry is back

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Everything you need to know about episode 1688 of Tomorrow belongs to us from May 17, 2024, all complete points in relation to the plots.

Malbec’s revenge

Renaud was shot in the chest, William gave him first aid in the presence of Nordine and Karim. Malbec is arrested. Renaud is having trouble breathing, Aaron takes him to the operating room. Marianne says a word to him…

Renaud DNARenaud DNA

Renaud before going to the block

William tells Marianne that Malbec pointed the gun at him and Renaud intervened. He is sorry.
Marianne is under stress, she goes around in circles at the hospital during Renaud’s operation. Chloé is by his side as is Axel. The operation lasted more than 8 hours…she was afraid of complications.

William DNAWilliam DNA

William explains to Marianne how the hostage taking happened

Malbec is in the cell, Aurore tells William and Manon that his colleagues are waiting for him to calm down to question him.

William feels guilty about what happened to Renaud. He blames himself for remaining helpless, the only one who was active was Renaud and he almost died.

William DNAWilliam DNA

William is bad, he is full of guilt

The operating room calls Marianne to give information on Renaud’s operation: she is happy, he is out of the woods. Aaron thinks that Renaud will be hospitalized for several weeks. Marianne goes to see Renaud who is still waking up. Marianne thanks Aaron for what he did.

Marianne DNAMarianne DNA

Marianne goes through all the emotions

Marianne says to Renaud what made you want to play the hero? Next time you keep a low profile. Marianne tells him “I don’t think I could live without you”. Renaud wakes up, he says “I love you” and suddenly he chokes. Marianne calls code blue and tells him “don’t leave me”.

Chloé and ALex are alongside Marianne

Georges’ clarification

Mélody reassures Georges, the class with Mona went well. Georges thinks that Mona is playing sports to ask questions about Georges and Lucien.
Georges confronts Mona, he tells her that he saw her on the beach in Mélody. Georges doesn’t want him to train with Mélody: he doesn’t want him to see her anymore. He is convinced that she will ruin everything.
Mona cancels all the sessions with Mélody, she is upset that Georges got involved in this matter.

Mélody and Mona get along wonderfully, they decide to do a new activity: go to the cinema. Georges is green with rage. When Mélody comes home, Georges sulks.

Melody thinks George wants Mona to have her own life revolving around him. Mélody tells him that he doesn’t have to worry, he will remain her favorite.

lizzie dnalizzie dna

Lizzie taunts Jordan about his attraction to Violette

Violette and Jordan… not easy

Lizzie tells Jordan that everyone knows he has a crush on Violette. Jordan tells him that they are from the same family. Lizzie says it’s no problem, they have no genes in common.
Bastien wants to form an association on mutual aid and ecology. He confides in Violette about his project but she is focused on Jordan, she watches his arrival on the high school grounds.
Violette talks to Jordan about the association’s project, he is ready to help her write the statutes.

Melody DNAMelody DNA

Melody teaches George a lesson

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