Landing in Normandy: a police investigation at the heart of his new book

Landing in Normandy: a police investigation at the heart of his new book
Landing in Normandy: a police investigation at the heart of his new book


Chloe Tissot-Dupont

Published on May 12, 2024 at 12:02 a.m.

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Author since her retirement, Renée Coguiec Lesieur is now signing her fifth book Vivid memories. This was born during the events which take place each year to commemorate the Landing on June 6, 1944.

Through this book, she wishes to introduce her readers to the imprint of Landing and the Battle of Normandy in the region.

Author already known in the field

“I started writing quite late.” Renée, former teacher of French and history at the Fernand-Léger professional high school in Flers, now holds five works and two short stories.

“One day, we say why not, but it’s difficult to start.” It is only at the retirement and the loss of a loved one that this native of Brest launches into writing.

“There was a click at some point. I had a lot of things on my mind. A friend passed away, he told me that I should write, and that sparked writing.”

A resident of Flers for around 45 years, she is also part of the association of authors of Normandy Switzerland, with whom she participates in the creating a book coming out every two years.

Through this new writing, she gives us a part of herself and his respect for history.

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The fifth work

Vivid memories, a title that tells “both the memories historical and family“ . For her latest work, it was by going to La Manche that Renée found the inspiration she thought she no longer had.

“I wondered what was happening,” she says, while she was at a commemoration of June 6, 1944.

I fell in love and had the idea for the first short story.

Renée Coguiec Lesieur

Thus, she attends the performances, the meetings with the veterans, or even with the representatives of each country: “Some really moved me,” confides Renée. After writing her short story, Renée Coquiec Lesieur explains that her book “went off on its own”.

Concerning the characters portrayed, Renée declares: “They are never born from nothing”, and specifies that they are inspired by real people in order to give a more dimension true to the story.

“I consulted press articles fromWest France and of L’Orne Combattante“. To be able to provide a quality story, Renée went through numerous daily newspapers West France and the weekly L’Orne Combattante.

“I like to link history and my stories,” says Renée, who also used history books to construct her story in order to provide context. consistent with the unfolding of the story.

She adds all the same: “I don’t want to write a history book.”

A strong message

“A people is not just a period of its history.”

Through Vivid memoriesthe author Renée Coguiec Lesieur wishes to convey her love for the sea, for history, and also her desire for peace and reconciliation.

She wants to highlight “the importance of choosing your life, of fighting to live what you want” and “respect for memory”.

She explains that it is necessary to teach the historical context to children so that the animations are not perceived simply as fun, because “we must not forget the reality, it was war, for real”.

The riddle to solve

The book Vivid memories invites you to follow the path of Fiona, who will have to immerse herself in the atmosphere of the commemorations of the Landing of June 6 and in the atmosphere of a strange family.

All this with the aim of being able to discover the dangerous secret hidden behind the press kit that Yvanne gave him the day before her death.

A book that comes at the right time in this period of 80th birthday of June 6, 1944.

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