“I thought I was one of the favorites”

“I thought I was one of the favorites”
“I thought I was one of the favorites”

The super cross battles of The Voice 2024 welcomed an exceptional guest on Saturday May 11. Former Star Academy winner Jenifer was indeed present. Even better, she could vote with the public to qualify the candidates. On several occasions, his choice played a decisive role and notably during the duel between Clément and Manuela. Eliminated, the latter needed time to digest her defeat. Very sensitive, she was willing to confide in Tele-Leisure and does not hide certain resentments despite the compliments she has received.

Manuela (The Voice 2024): “I was afraid to look at Mika

Télé-Leisure: How did you prepare for this super cross battle?
My goal from the start was to reach the semi-final because it’s so cool. So I wanted to take a song that the public knows and that touches them. I also wanted to revisit it so that people in the room would like it. So we discussed it with Bigflo & Oli because they wanted me to perform a song that was touching but not necessarily that I send a lot of vocals even though I like to show that I have some…

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It is therefore Secret of Louane who was selected. Why did you change the lyrics?
I had a lot of trouble learning it. I found that it didn’t suit me and I couldn’t identify with the text. Plus, it’s hard to bare ourselves with a song like this that evokes our fears and anxieties. So I told myself that I had to change the lyrics, so sorry Louane.

At the start of the adventure you were part of Mika’s team. Is it revenge to face one of your candidates?
In fact, I had no luck because throughout The Voice I came across all the drafted ones. However, I don’t have the feeling that it’s a revenge because there is no competition between the candidates and I have nothing against Mika. For the record, you should know that he impresses me a lot and that I was worried that he might have defaulted during the blind auditions. So I was afraid to look at it. I love him so much, in fact after the cross battles were broadcast, I sent him a message to tell him how much I loved him.

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Manuela (The Voice 2024): “I didn’t understand why Jenifer asked me to give me a hug”

Oli told you to fuck off The Voice for 3 minutes before you go on stage. Do you feel like you succeeded?
I felt that this stage was not going to go well because I was very stressed. Even though I love her, Louane is my pet peeve. I don’t know why I can’t sing his songs.

Jenifer voted for Clément. Do you understand it?
She gave me a lot of compliments and I was very happy, but when I saw that she voted for Clément, I was very disappointed even if I was happy for him. So I cried even though I didn’t want to show my sadness. I was still a hair away from the semi-final. Plus, when you calculate, if she had voted for me, I would pass.

How did you feel when she asked if she could give you a hug?
Frankly, I didn’t understand. I really like Jenifer and at the beginning when I started singing, she had a reaction that made me think that I had convinced her and that she was going to vote for me. In the end, it’s like she’s telling me “I throw you away but I do it right“.

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Do you blame him for his vote?
A little but afterwards, we were told a lot that it’s a game so I don’t blame him. In addition, The Voice made me understand that I am legitimate. Basically, I sang in my room and I didn’t care if people knew I sang.

Manuela (The Voice 2024): “I hope Louane won’t be too angry with me

We still feel a little bitter…
After my defeat, I was still feeling bad and it’s hard to have a dream that doesn’t come true. I thought I was one of the favorites. I am not bitter about Clément’s victory but about my defeat. Frankly, I had a really bad experience with it. There are plenty of people who will say in an interview that it’s not serious, that they’re not sad to have lost, but for me it really hurt and I feel like I’m gone. without being able to show what I can really do.

How do you see the future?
I’m perhaps a little too sensitive and too young to be able to take charge of my career, but I would like an artist to take me under their wing.

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Who do you think of?
Louane because I sang two songs by her. I hope she won’t be too angry with me for changing her words and that she will want to meet me. I also hope that we will have the chance to do a duet on stage together or open for us. Slimane is also my idol and I would love to be able to talk to him for even ten seconds.



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