This new phenomenon novel goes viral and gets you addicted

This new phenomenon novel goes viral and gets you addicted
This new phenomenon novel goes viral and gets you addicted

Looking for the perfect book for your next vacation or weekend? This novel that’s a hit on TikTok could well become your new addiction…

It’s at your own risk… Do you want to be captivated by your next novel? If this is the case, we have surely found the ideal book for you. It’s no surprise that Generation Z is all about reading.

On social networks, and in particular TikTok, it is famous to read a novel then share your reaction and your opinion on the social platform. This trend has a name: “booktok”, a contraction of the words “Book” and “TikTok”.

The “booktok” trend

While in the top 1 of successful authors, we find in particular the very famous Colleen Hoover, to whom we owe the saga Jamais Plus or the novel Verity, we also note lesser-known authors, but whose novels are a sensation. We are talking specifically about Sarah Rivens. A few years ago, this novelist was a real hit with her books in the Captive saga. A “dark romance” which had won over many fans.

In January 2024, the author made her literary comeback by revealing her latest novel: Lakestone. A first volume of a future saga which seems to have already conquered the Web. On the Tiktok platform, many videos of the novel have garnered thousands of views. Rated 5/5, this new product is also one of the top sellers of stores, such as Fnac or many independent bookstores in France. And if it’s such a hit, it’s mainly thanks to an addictive plot.

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Lakestone, a captivating plot

The pitch of the novel? Lakestone tells the story of Iris, confined to the library who spends her life revising her lessons. At the same time, and miles from this young woman, there is a mercenary, involved in dark stories of murder. These two characters, who are completely opposite, will very quickly have their destinies linked and a real connection will be born between these two people. A gripping and captivating novel that has something to seduce and intrigue.

If you’re looking for a book that won’t disappoint you, you know what to do. After all, what’s better than reading a book in the middle of summer?



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