Adriana Karembeu: “I have suffered enough”

Adriana Karembeu: “I have suffered enough”
Adriana Karembeu: “I have suffered enough”

Adriana Karembeu publishes her autobiography, entitled Free (Editions Leduc).

Adriana Karembeu: “The birth of my daughter was an emotional tsunami”

Why this title, and why did you tell intimate things about your life? “I already wrote a book a long time ago. At the time I said to myself: ‘that’s better not to say’. Today, as the title of the book says, I am free, I have nothing to hide, I tell my life as it is. I didn’t want to do things halfway. It’s also for my daughter, I want her to know everything. And then there was an emotional tsunami, it was the birth of my daughter. Everything has changed, I have changed. I freed myself too.

Why did she talk about her father, who had been violent with her when she was a child? “I couldn’t ignore it. Because we live our lives, we are conditioned by our past. I felt the need to protect him, yet he doesn’t deserve it at all. I don’t see why I wouldn’t tell my story.“What about his mother?”My mother told me : ‘I didn’t realize it, I thought it was the way to raise a child, I was very young‘. She often pretended she wasn’t there. But she saved me too. When she appeared, it stopped.

“I don’t deserve to stay in the past and ruminate on it”

Why did Adriana Karembeu decide to leave her painful past behind? “I wanted to live. And I said to myself: I have an incredible chance to leave my country, the doors are opening before me… I have suffered enough. I look at the people around me, I try to learn and say to myself: I don’t deserve to stay in the past and ruminate on it, to make myself unhappy.

During the last Miss Belgium, Adriana Karembeu told the candidates not to do anything for free. For what ? “I have a lot of respect for money. Because making money is the hardest thing. I told the girls: ‘give value to your work’. It’s a very short career. It is difficult to start studying at 28-30 years old. You have to take care of your career and make the most of it.

In her book, Adriana Karembeu describes having suffered a sexual assault but not having filed a complaint… “Absolutely. Except that it happened 15-20 years ago, and it was a different time. With #MeToo, we realized that we have the right to say: ‘he’s a predator. Even I let that man go. I was not raped, but I was subjected to unacceptable acts, which I completely brushed aside. It shouldn’t happen like this.

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