The sales of Meurice’s book fell on the ears of Praud (quite anti…)

The sales of Meurice’s book fell on the ears of Praud (quite anti…)
The sales of Meurice’s book fell on the ears of Praud (quite anti…)

When will the release by a skillful pen, of a Meurice, counter-investigation — the comedian being from Chenôve in Côte-d’Or, we would even suggest Meursault, counter-investigation, if he likes white wine and Kamel Daoud agrees. So yet another twist in Guillaume’s adventures: the involuntary appearance on Pascal Praud’s show, Professional Timeon Cnews.

The presenter, in office since 2016, was pleasantly described as “Michel Drucker of the reactionaries», as it occupies a preponderant place in the Vivendi empire.

When it comes to publishing, Pascal Praud has never made waves. Let us simply note that he had the pleasure of dining on numerous occasions with Gabriel Matzneff, who cites the journalist by name in his notebooks (published by Gallimard). But he has sworn since this point was pointed out to him that he knew nothing of the writer’s pedophile inclinations.

Hence this recent sequence on CNews where Praud attacks Meurice – remember that the latter, over the past weeks, has greatly agitated France Inter and Radio France: a call for a strike in support of the suspended host is planned for May 12.

Let us also remember that Cnews belongs to Vivendi and that a previous book by Guillaume Meurice was ejected from the catalog of a house in the Editis group, following pressure exerted by Editis, then still owned by Vincent Bolloré. A complaint resulted from this, for which Denis Olivennes, new boss of Editis, will be responsible.

You, my fellow man, my brother

By publishing In the ear of the cycloneMeurice proposed his own version of the “media storm» which followed his joke suggesting for Halloween “ the Netanyahu disguise that works quite well. Do you see who it is? Kind of a Nazi, but without a foreskin“. An outburst which brought him before the judicial police.

So why did Pascal Praud want to comment on the sales of this testimony on May 6?

First, the facilitator was mentioned in reference and emphasis: “We couldn’t say anything!», quote to check. Then, the first pages of the work open with the reactions of Praud, who on October 30 stated: “What Mr. Meurice said is ignominy . » The suit that Meurice cut for him in the work was too big for the victim not to attempt base revenge.

And Pascal Praud, this May 6, put forward a number of 8,700 copies sold, according to data from the GfK panellist. It will take all the reactions of the guests to explain to him that the figure is far from being negligible, or even that “today it’s huge“. But Praud adds: “Friends, I really want us to do 8700, when… uh… It’s still not a success8700?»

The famous friends will put his ideas back in place, far from providing the support that the presenter was obviously hoping for.

It would be too tedious to explain how success is measured — between straight ahead, breakeven and the rest. The book, released on March 15, is indicated at 8,062 sales on Edistat, data which would perhaps have better served Praud’s thesis (hmmm…).

What is objectively observed is that the title has not reached the sales of previous books signed Meurice: in May 2019, with Charline Vanhoenacker and Cami, he had published Manu’s vacation notebookwith 58,793 copies. The king did not laugh (Lattès, March 2021), has almost 54,000 sales, combining pocket and large format. Etc.

It would have been commendable and more fair play, especially for a former Telefoot employee, to emphasize that sales ofIn the ear of the cyclonewill contribute to a fund donated to Doctors of the World. Should we call offside?

Photo credits: ActuaLitté, CC BY SA 2.0



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