Romain loses his footing in the face of Clémence, his new compatibility, “I feel like it’s not working”

Romain loses his footing in the face of Clémence, his new compatibility, “I feel like it’s not working”
Romain loses his footing in the face of Clémence, his new compatibility, “I feel like it’s not working”

By Ivy Cousteau

– Published on May 8, 2024 at 1:22 p.m.

In this new episode of Married at First Sight, Romain is preparing to meet Clémence, Camille’s replacement. Alas, the magic turns into real chaos for the handsome candidate.

Romain and Clémence : love at first sight? In the season 8 of Married at First Sightviewers are immersed in a breathtaking adventure! Originally intended to marry Camillea 33-year-old mother, with whom he had a 77% compatibility, Romain sees his destiny turned upside down when the latter abandons the show after finding love on her own.

It is in this context rich in emotion that Romain contacted Gilbert Bou Jaoudé and Estelle Dossin to find a new match. With the help of experts, the rare pearl is unearthed in the person of Clemencywith whom family father shares even stronger compatibility, reaching 80%. While Romain is eager to meet his sweetheart, the wedding day has many surprises in store. Warning, spoilers ahead!

Married at first sight: Romain panicked on the wedding day!

In the next episode of Married at First Sight, it’s the long awaited moment for Romain and Clémence! The two candidates then revealed themselves when the curtain rose, revealing the young woman wearing a big smile in sublime wedding dress. “I find it elegant. I think he has class”, she confided.

However, Camille’s replacement quickly noticed that Romain was not feeling well. “We feel that he is a little embarrassed… But he is a handsome man, I like him”, she commented. If the candidate would like to know more about her fiancé, she is already unanimous among his family. Romain, for his part, remains completely frozen in the face of this incredible situation.

Romain taken in by someone close to Clémence

Catherine, Clémence’s auntrisk of make a splash on social media with his unflattering remarks about Romain. She is not convinced by her appearance and declares to a friend of Clémence: “That’s not it”. In an interview, she explains that she knows his niece’s criteria and admits to being impulsive unlike her.

Romain, for his part, introduces himself to his in-laws, revealing that he has 40 years and two boys, aged 7 and 3. Clémence’s friend displays confidence, but Aunt Catherine is not at all convinced. She even criticizes him for being too small.

Married at first sight: will Romain go through with it?

Clémence decided to take control of the situation. However, Romain’s future companion failed to unblock it despite several attempts. “ There are big gaps that arise in the discussion. The more minutes pass, the more I feel him losing his footing “, she lamented. If the 39 year old woman has tried numerous times to establish a connection with Romain, the latter is not really receptive. “ It does not work “, she blurted.

THE close to Romain then have serious doubts about the outcome of events. And how ! They are certain that there is something fishy going on! The one who was to marry Camille then asked Clémence to discuss aside… A bad omen according to the candidate: “I tell myself that there is a problem there”. After all the roller coasters he’s been on, will Romain say the dreaded “No” to Clemence? See you on May 13, 2024 in the next episode of Married at First Sight!



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