“We will not let Palestine disappear”: Mathilde Panot calls for the exclusion of Israel from Eurovision

“We will not let Palestine disappear”: Mathilde Panot calls for the exclusion of Israel from Eurovision
“We will not let Palestine disappear”: Mathilde Panot calls for the exclusion of Israel from Eurovision

For the president of the deputies of La France insoumise, the fight for a “ceasefire” in Gaza also involves the musical scene. Mathilde Panot called on Wednesday to “exclude Israel” from the 2024 Eurovision contest in order to obtain a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

“Voices from all over the world are being raised to demand a ceasefire. Yet Eurovision remains silent,” lamented Mathilde Panot in a message posted on the social network

“In the name of peace and love for culture, we, deputies of European countries, MEPs, artists, citizens, call to exclude Israel from Eurovision,” she added, concluding: “We do not We will not let Palestine disappear.

Since the start of the year, petitions have multiplied to demand the exclusion of Israel from Eurovision. Around ten candidates signed a press release at the end of March in which they expressed alarm at the humanitarian situation in Gaza and demanded an “immediate and lasting” ceasefire, as well as the release of “all hostages” held since the 7th. october.

Among them, Bambie Thug who represents Ireland. The non-binary artist sang in the semi-final on Tuesday evening with inscriptions in Ogham, an alphabet used to write Old Irish. Originally, these messages meant “ceasefire” and “freedom for Palestine”, but the interpreter had to “change these terms on orders from the EBU”, she confided at a conference of press. “This contravened the rules of the competition intended to protect the apolitical nature of the event,” reacted the EBU to Irish television RTÉ.

On Tuesday, during the first semi-final, Swedish singer Eric Saade, whose father is of Palestinian origin, protested Israel’s participation by wearing a keffiyeh around his arm during his performance. This son of a Palestinian refugee had warned that he wanted to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause during his performance. A “regrettable” choice for the producer of the competition, Ebba Adielsson. Eurovision had not broadcast its performance on its social networks.

Fred Leone, a didgeridoo player present on stage with the Australian candidates, had drawn a watermelon on his chest, symbol of the Palestinian cause.

The Israeli army carried out airstrikes on Wednesday and deadly “targeted” operations in the Palestinian town of Rafah threatened by a major ground offensive, at a time when negotiations are being held in Cairo for a truce between Israel and Hamas.

Hamas is responsible for an unprecedented attack against Israel carried out on October 7, 2023 from Gaza which left more than 1,170 dead, mainly civilians, according to an AFP report established from official data. More than 250 people were kidnapped during the attack and 128 remain captive in Gaza, 36 of whom are considered dead, according to the army.

The Israeli response was devastating: the deluge of fire on the Gaza Strip where some 2.4 million Palestinians are crowded together has so far cost the lives of 34,844 people according to Hamas, causing a humanitarian catastrophe with a situation of famine in the north according to the UN and colossal destruction.



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