fans of Clara (Star Academy) angry with Pierre Garnier

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The “Star Academy” is a real springboard for the students of the last promotion, but it is above all Pierre Garnier, the big winner, who is currently triumphant since leaving the castle. His song “Those we were” was played repeatedly on the airwaves, and the public rushed to streaming platforms to vibrate to the sound of this romantic pop ballad. As proof, the single, number one for four weeks, has more than 40 million plays on Spotify alone, earning a platinum certification in the process, while Pierre Garnier savors his success every evening on the “Star Academy” tour . To top it off, he will release his first album on June 7, and he has just made a big announcement. “ My next single is called “Nous on sais” and it comes out on May 17! » declared Pierre Garnier in the middle of a concert at the Zénith in Paris, while Marie-Maud joined the band on stage to the delight of the fans.

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“There is room for everyone”

But upon discovering this news, fans of another student in the class of 2023 made faces. Indeed, Clara, eliminated from the “Star Academy” during the special tour bonus, also planned to release her first title, entitled “Dans tes bras”, that day. “ I’ve been telling you “soon” for several weeks and “soon” now has a date! I’m releasing my very first single in exactly two weeks. My team and I are so excited for you to hear it and get your feedback, but for that, we’ll have to wait a little longer… But don’t worry, to keep you waiting until May 17, I have some surprises in store for you on my various social networks (live, cover…) »wrote the young singer on her Instagram account three days ago, just before Pierre Garnier made his announcement. Clara’s fans are therefore angry, because they believe – rightly – that all the light will be placed on the release of “Nous on sais” rather than on her single.

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Is Clara also disappointed with this double exit? “ There is room for everyone! Yes, Pierrot releases his single the same day as me but it doesn’t matter. You will go and listen to both projects! Because if you followed, if you appreciated the show as a whole, you will listen to both of us »reacted the young singer during a live on TikTok, after receiving numerous comments on this subject. She wanted to brush aside any rumors of tensions: “ Obviously, that doesn’t worry me. From the moment we have confidence in what we do, everyone has their own path. Some will go faster than others, and we accept that, it’s the game too. I am very proud of what my comrades do, I am very proud of what Pierre does every day. I’m just as excited as you for her single to come out, I’ll be the first to listen to it “. See you on May 17!



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