faced with the controversy, Léa Salamé apologizes

On the PAF, the controversies continue. And lately, after the multitude of controversies surrounding the show Dance with the stars of TF1, passage on France 2 with What an era!, hosted by Léa Salamé. On April 27, the journalist made THE joke too many on actor Artus, with a remark on his alcohol consumption considered inappropriate by Internet users. This Saturday, May 4, she returned to the matter, apologizing.

Léa Salamé apologizes

On his weekly talk show What an era!which replaces We are live, Léa Salamé allows herself a reflection deemed inappropriate with regard to Artus, her guest. While the actor explains how he manages his anxieties, the host interrupts him for a remark that does not go through. I did lots of little extra things and things are much better: I stopped drinking, I stopped smoking…”, explains Artus. “Ah you have become boring”. says Léa Salamé.

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A reflection that did not pass muster to Internet users, who did not fail to fire the journalist. Especially since Salamé then perseveres with his reflection, forcing a reflection from Artus: “CThat’s very French. As soon as you stop drinking you become boring. “So damn, it’s actually good not to drink alcohol.”. The subject is then not closed and Salamé continues, forcing Artus to let out a sincere: “Fuck you”. And in the Internet age, this exchange quickly went around the web.

For a week, Internet users did not spare themselves. Insults and criticisms are raining down, so much so that Léa Salamé felt obliged to address this controversy during her show this Saturday, May 4.I received so many messages, there were so many reactions, between those who were shocked by my joke, those who were shocked by the extent of the reactions to this valve, in decidedly fashion, we can’t do anything more say” .

What an Era with Léa Salamé

At first I was surprised because it was really a joke. We all felt it was a joke, Artus too. And in no way an apology for alcohol. But then it got me thinking. And we said with our team that this posed a real question, that it opened a real social debate, a fundamental subject.”, she explains. According to Salamé, Artus would have called him and even apologized in the face of the extent of the controversy.He told me: I don’t understand, it was a joke.” This valve, however, Internet users have missed.


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