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By Delphine The Monthly | May 4, 2024

Festival Books, words and papers

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Festival Books, words and papers : It’s a beautiful novel, it’s a beautiful story…

At a time when screens are an integral part of our daily lives and books are becoming a rare commodity in most homes, the city of Peymeinade resists and offers the third edition of its festival Books, words and papers. As its name suggests, this event – ​​free – highlights everything to do with paper and what we can do with it. Write down words on it, tell stories on it, make drawings on it, fold it, tear it, paste it… The key words being creativity and imagination!

Thus, as in its previous editions, the festival will welcome authors, booksellers, illustrators… All those thanks to whom paper still has a bright future ahead of it and who enjoy sharing their jobs and their passions! The public is invited to discuss this theme with the professionals present, to stroll among the stands or to be tempted by one of the workshops offered by the organizers!

The little novelty of the year concerns a dictation test that the city is putting in place. No need to stress, it is in a good-natured spirit and always with the aim of having fun that this is offered. She will also be suitable for all age categories since 3 levels of difficulty are planned, ranging from CM1 to adults!

The meeting is therefore set for Saturday May 18, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., in the city center of Peymeinade.

© Delphine Goby O’Brien for Le Mensuel / May 2024

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