“More beautiful life, even more beautiful” from May 2: new elements against Kilian (summary and video episode 84 in advance)

“More beautiful life, even more beautiful” from May 2: new elements against Kilian (summary and video episode 84 in advance)
“More beautiful life, even more beautiful” from May 2: new elements against Kilian (summary and video episode 84 in advance)

“More beautiful life, even more beautiful” from May 2, 2024, spoiler summary of episode 83 in advance – What will happen tomorrow in your daily TF1 soap opera “Plus belle la vie”? If you are curious to know more, we invite you now to discover what awaits you in the episode of Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Spoiler alert, don’t read if you don’t want to know.

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Kilian is in police custody, Aya and Thomas are shocked and worried. Djawad joins him, he tells Thomas that he doesn’t want Aya to wander around the bar. It’s a crime scene, he wants Aya to distance herself. But Aya refuses and sends him away, Thomas reminds Djawad that they didn’t react like that when he was wrongly accused. Thomas must find a lawyer for Kilian, Djawad thinks he must act quickly.

At the police station, Ariane reveals to Kilian that the blood found in the Mistral kitchen is indeed that of Betty. Kilian says he doesn’t understand, Ariane tries to make him confess. She thinks she pushed him and he killed her. Kilian assures us that no, Betty left alive. Jean-Paul speaks to Kilian about Barbara’s statements, which indicated the disappearance of her knife. And he talks to Kilian about his badge which showed up at 3am. Kilian doesn’t understand, he doesn’t remember coming home so late. Ariane loses her temper and yells at Kilian, she claims that he killed her.

Morgane finds Babeth who took care of Legendre’s bird. Babeth doesn’t even want to let him go, he has become the family mascot. Babeth is proud of Morgana for doing this. She finds that she takes after Jocelyn.

Jennifer gives a package to Léa, who asks her about Samuel. She thinks they go well together. Jennifer thinks she missed everything, she shows him the message she sent him. She worries that he thinks she’s in love. And he didn’t answer. Léa thinks that maybe he didn’t receive the message, Jennifer doesn’t believe it.

Legendre thanks Morgane. He wants to give her a bike that he repaired. Morgana can’t accept, it could be considered corruption.

Ariane is with Jean-Paul, she absolutely wants to return to question Kilian to make him confess before his lawyer arrives. But Jean-Paul reminds her that he is exhausted, he thinks she is on the verge of harassment. He remains presumed innocent and they must continue to investigate.

Barbara is with Luna and Blanche, she feels guilty about having told the police about the knife. And she herself doubts Kilian. Blanche also doubts, Luna reminds us that we must not accuse without knowing.

Méline comes to congratulate Morgane on her successful investigation. She received a phone call from the town hall following the rescue. Legendre put the photo of the bird on social networks and it is creating a buzz. Méline offers her the opportunity to become the animal protection officer at the police station. She accepts with pleasure.

Samuel comes home by surprise! He announces to Jennifer, surprised, that he has cut short his vacation following her message. He says he is very happy to see her again and kisses her passionately. But Samuel discovers his apartment upside down… She promises that she will tidy up but Samuel says that he doesn’t care.

Patrick in turn comes to congratulate Morgane, he recognizes that she taught him a lesson.

Ariane and Jean-Paul question Kilian again in the presence of his lawyer. Ariane asks him about Aya, his girlfriend. Ariane announces that they found traces of blood and Betty’s hair in the bar’s utility room! Kilian doesn’t understand, he hasn’t used it since the picnic with Aya. But according to the car’s GPS, he used it at 1 a.m. the night Betty disappeared!

The police go to the place where Kilian allegedly went that evening. Reinforcements will arrive, Ariane thinks this is the perfect place to dispose of a body.

VIDEO “More beautiful life, even more beautiful” from May 2 first minutes

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