A first book fair in Lévis

The Artists and Artisans of Grand-Lévis (AAGL) are organizing a first book fair in Lévis, on May 25 and 26. The latter will take place at the Hôtel l’Oie des neiges and will bring together around twenty authors of all genres.

In addition to bringing together artists and artisans from Lévis, the AAGL also counts several authors among its members. The latter, however, deplored that they could not participate in as many events as the other artisans in the group as their presence was not permitted depending on the places where the group went.

The president of the group, Hélène Plante, therefore approached the group’s treasurer and author, Carole Thibault, to organize a fair for authors from the AAGL, Lévis and the surrounding area. The enthusiasm was felt immediately since, a year before, the event was already almost sold out.

Suspense, essays, detective novels, children’s literature, fantasy and more will be there for readers.

“It’s an event that is close to my heart. I know that there is a beautiful book fair in Quebec, but it is a publishers’ fair. We have an authors lounge. It’s going to be more intimate. We’re going on an adventure with that,” underlines Hélène Plante.

Still waiting for the event to take place to take stock of it, the president of the AAGL hopes that their book fair will become an annual event. Carole Thibault already plans to take over the reins for the next edition.

A space for reading

An item that Hélène Plante deplores from the Quebec Book Fair is often the lack of space to read the books you have just purchased or the lack of a quiet space. The AAGL is therefore planning a space, in the hall between the two rooms where their show will be held, to provide a place for visitors to read.

“In our living room, we will have a small space with couches. We’re going to try to set up a little reading corner. When I have a new book, I not only read the back cover, but I start it,” adds Hélène Plante.

A grouping of varied colors

Present in the Lévis territory since 2012, the AAGL’s mission is to promote artists and artisans in the region. With artisans of all kinds, they can participate in several exhibitions and sales in addition to being able to display their creations on the AAGL platform.



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