This morning, with Chrystine Brouillet, we discover new reading suggestions!


Paul Saint-Bris, Philippe Rey

Aurélien is director of the Paintings department at the Louvre. This nostalgic intellectual sees the museum as a refuge to protect himself from the noise of the world. But the new president, Daphné – an energetic woman of uninhibited pragmatism – and implacable marketing arguments impose on her a mission as perilous as it is feared: the restoration of The Mona Lisa.. Reluctantly, Aurélien sets out in search of a restorer daring enough to withstand the pressure and tackle the ultimate masterpiece. His quest takes him to Tuscany, where he finds Gaetano, an intense and free personality. In front of Mona Lisa, the Italian will confront his own genius with that of Vinci, while humanity holds its breath….

Anne-Marie MacDonald

Late 19th century. Charlotte Bell grew up on Fayne, a vast estate surrounded by a bog, located in disputed territory on the border of Scotland and England. Due to her delicate health, her beloved father, Lord Henry Bell, keeps her away from society. Endowed with a strong mind and an insatiable curiosity, Charlotte acquired encyclopedic knowledge and remarkable knowledge for a young girl. His idyllic existence, however, is overshadowed by the portrait of his mother holding his older brother in her arms, who constantly reminds him that Lady Marie Bell died at his birth, and that Charles, the long-awaited heir, died at the age of two years.. His thirst for instruction and adventure will lead him to unravel the secrets of the Bell family and his own mysteries.. A story full of twists and turns, revelations and hope, which addresses themes of The Victorian era is still relevant today: gender equality, identity, family and nature..

Jacques Savoie, available on

When a couple of journalists, François Leblanc and Laurence Tourville, go to Atlanta, where Laurence is to receive an award, she is kidnapped. Francis immediately launches into a mad race to find her, against the backdrop of an America in turmoil marked by the rise of the right, racism and violence. The path he takes to retrace it will take him back to the streets of Moncton and to his childhood, devastated by the tragic death of his younger brother.

Patrick Bauwen, available on

Lisa is a medical assistant and writes literary columns on social networks. When a former reality TV producer, Hazel Caine, offers him the opportunity to become famous, his life changes. Propelled into a fascinating universe governed by a man nicknamed the Influencer, she investigates the disappearance of Vicky Vonn in order to save her own life.


Claire Bergeron

Amos, 1929. On a cold January night, Aubert de La Durantaye’s building, housing three apartments and his dentist’s office, was engulfed in flames. Appalled, the crowd can only note that three people, including the doctor’s assistant and her son, were unable to escape the blaze. When he learns the terrible news, Aubert, passing through Quebec for the funeral of his father-in-law, collapses, while his wife, Euphrosine, remains unmoved. What unusual path of destiny brought together these two beings at odds with each other? Aubert is warm, hungry for love and freedom, while Euphrosine is cold, narcissistic, and lives solely to parade her fascinating beauty in the posh salons of Quebec City. Obviously, heavy secrets are hidden in the shadows of their privacy…

Simon Predj, available on

After Death as a Legacy, where he lifted the veil on family murders, Simon Predj revisits shocking cases that occurred in the world of medicine. Charlatan with disturbing experimental treatments, nurse with diabolical designs, doctor with murderous impulses, ambulance driver attracted by the lure of profit: these are some of the characters encountered in these pages, at the bend of a hospital corridor or a room of operation. The author brings to light scientific, medical, political, but above all human excesses, which remind us that reality always exceeds fiction and that, behind the reassuring uniform of the good Samaritan, sometimes hides a merciless executioner. A collection of fascinating stories that shake our sense of security: is it wise to entrust our lives to strangers? Are we really safe in this sanctuary that is the doctor’s office?

Florence Sara G Ferraris and Ariel Tarr, available on

A trip behind the scenes of Montreal Every day, summer and winter, the streets of Montreal welcome children running free, adults socializing, busy workers and passers-by of all kinds. Between the scattered toys, the greenery and the graffiti, under the colorful pennants and the washing lines, we play, we garden, we meet, we help each other, we experiment, we create, we dream… A book that tells the story of the alleys from yesterday to today, which offers several routes through the city to discover them and which, above all, constitutes a vibrant tribute to the mazes of Montreal and the humans who populate them.



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