Nathalie hired at L.Cosmétiques and Thaïs en danger – Un si grand soleil (spoilers) until May 24, 2024

Spoilers for the episodes Un si grand soleil from May 20 to 24, 2024 on France 2 with 4 new episodes (cancelled Thursday) with a dark future for Thaïs who throws herself into the den of the wolf.

3 intrigues in parallel this week in Un si grand soleil on France 2

THE spoilers Such a big sun 3 weeks in advance, we tell you everything that will happen in the week of May 20 to 24, 2024 with episodes 1399 to 1402 while waiting for the full summaries and video recaps on our Youtube channel.

Will Thaïs change the investigation into the death of Philippe Aguerra?

Such great sunshine in advance Monday May 20, 2024

In Such a big sun episode 1399, The tension between Claire and Florent reaches worrying heights. Thaïs learns that she will have to face a new ordeal, thus adding to her torments with the Aguerra affair. The employees of L. Cosmétiques are concerned about the fate of Laurent Berthier.

Nathalie such a great sunNathalie such a great sun

Nathalie sees her life turned upside down by Berthier

Such great sunshine in advance Tuesday May 21, 2024

In Such a big sun episode 1400, What could have been great news turns into a nightmare for Arnaud Aguerra. Nathalie, fired from her call center, is offered an opportunity that could turn her life upside down, all thanks to the intervention of Berthier, who turns out to be an unexpected catalyst.

Thaïs such a big sunThaïs such a big sun

Will Thaïs manage to escape from the manipulations of Arnaud and Cédric?

Such great sunshine in advance Wednesday May 22, 2024

In Such a big sun episode 1401, a new element comes to sow doubt in Thaïs’ mind, calling into question established certainties. Florent observes with concern Claire’s increasingly frequent evening outings, thus fueling his fears and his questions about his relationship.

Marc such a big sunMarc such a big sun

Marc and Marie-Sophie hell at work

Such great sunshine Thursday May 23, 2024 canceled

France 2 offers a political evening in relation to the European elections.

Such great sunshine in advance Friday May 24, 2024

In Such a big sun episode 1402, by expressing her suspicions to the police, Thaïs does not realize that she is embarking on a perilous path. She risks finding herself trapped. D
Marc has a resounding success with his article, but it is Marie-Sophie who reaps the honors, thus triggering an open war between the two employees of Midi Libre.

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