Vegapunk’s message finally broadcast

Vegapunk’s message finally broadcast
Vegapunk’s message finally broadcast

Update April 24, 2024 at 11:38 a.m.

Published on April 24, 2024 at 11:22 by Luka Morin

They are there ! After the breathtaking end of the last chapter, the first spoilers for 1113 were long overdue and they promise to be grandiose.

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Although there was only a short week of waiting, the time seemed very long for Luffy fans. So long that many hypotheses could be put forward regarding the last page of chapter 1112 and some were right…

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The brain of Vegapunk

It was indeed Dr. Vergapunk’s immense brain locked in a jar that surprised Mars! Some clues had been left by Eiichiro Oda, notably the onomatopoeia “glup glop” which made it possible to understand that the Dean was facing something liquid. The answer therefore validates the theory present in the latest video from the YouTube channel Mount Corvo.

The passage with the member of the 5 Star Council does not end there, Mars destroys the snail but the broadcast of Vegapunk does not stop… The whole world is listening to the beginning of the scientist’s pre-recorded message, the latter confides (we don’t know if it’s in the message) that he must die for all the bad things he has done. This is the reason why diffusion is correlated with its end…

The Mugiwaras against the Deans

Sanji takes action again! After facing the seraph of Jinbei, participating in the fight against Kizaru and Saturn, the black leg comes to Bonney’s rescue and offers himself a dream duel against Nasjuro who had made a strong impression in the previous chapter.

Saturn arrives at Ussop’s group, Robin recognizes his voice, she heard it during the Ohara incident. The members of Luffy’s crew present there immediately decide to protect their fellow archaeologist.

At the conclusion of the chapter, Vegapunk’s message begins with information that Big News Morgan certainly won’t miss, once again validating one of the work’s most popular theories: the world is going to sink into the sea. .



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