This Disney Channel star, Zendaya’s colleague, became Donald Trump’s deputy communications director

This Disney Channel star, Zendaya’s colleague, became Donald Trump’s deputy communications director
This Disney Channel star, Zendaya’s colleague, became Donald Trump’s deputy communications director

Many know her as Tinka. Caroline Sunshine actually started her acting career at a very young age: in 2010, viewers discovered her in the Disney Channel series “Shake it Up”, where she played Tinka Hessenheffer, a belligerent foreign exchange student from Eastern Europe, the main enemy of CeCe (Bella Thorne) and Rocky (Zendaya), who hope to become dancers.

But, soon after the end of the series and despite a few roles and singles, Caroline Sunshine disappeared from the radar. Until a tweet, posted this Tuesday, July 9, 2024, reminded many Internet users of her past career.

The OrganizerMemes account actually posted a screenshot of Caroline Sunshine’s own X account, alongside a photo of Tinka Hessenheffern. “In a truly confusing sequence, I just learned that the actress who played the evil Eastern European exchange student on Disney Channel’s ‘Shake It Up’ opposite Zendaya is now Trump’s deputy communications director.”

While many internet users were stunned to learn that the former Disney Channel teen heroine was alongside Donald Trump, the information is nonetheless true. Caroline Sunshine did indeed join the ranks of the former President of the United States in 2018.

After a faltering artistic career, the teenager continued her education and chose to focus on international relations. At 22, she was studying this subject at Claremont McKenna College, according to Variety. It was also during this period that she completed, as part of her studies, an internship at the White House, under Donald Trump’s mandate.

Lindsay Walters, who was then a White House press secretary, told Variety in 2018: “Caroline Sunshine was a White House intern. In college, she was involved with the American Enterprise Institute and was an active member of her school’s Model United Nations team. Prior to her White House internship, Caroline worked in the office of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the Republican National Committee, and the California Republican Party.” After her internship, Sunshine landed a contract as a press assistant, making her one of the youngest staffers on Donald Trump’s team.

Today, at 28, Caroline Sunshine is Donald Trump’s deputy communications director. Interviewed by the media outlet Real America’s Voice, whose editorial line is rather far right, the former Disney Channel star affirmed that Donald Trump was a true lookout for citizens, like “a pair of glasses for the American people. […] It’s always through him [que les Américains] can see the truth.” However, Donald Trump has been repeatedly accused of spreading false information and still maintains today that the 2020 election was stolen from him by President Joe Biden.

In light of this revelation, some Internet users could not help but compare the young Republican to her unbearable character in “Shake it Up”: “She had already integrated this aura at the time”, “she always had a sinister energy”, “stuck in the role of the devil”, we could read in particular.

Caroline Sunshine isn’t the only Disney Channel star to step away from the set to pursue an unexpected career. Bridgit Mendler, who starred in the hit series “Good Luck Charlie,” is now the CEO of a spatial data company.

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