Family of BBC presenter killed with crossbow: What we know

Family of BBC presenter killed with crossbow: What we know
Family of BBC presenter killed with crossbow: What we know

On Tuesday, July 9, a man attacked and killed three women in the United Kingdom using a crossbow. The victims were identified as the wife and two daughters of John Hunt, a horse racing presenter for the English channel BBC. British police are on the hunt for the suspect.

A real manhunt. Since Tuesday, July 9, the English police have been hunting for an individual who has claimed three victims. They are the family of John Hunt, a BBC journalist. The wanted man had armed himself with a crossbow.

The BBC reported that the three women killed were aged 25, 28 and 61. The prosecutor described it as a “targeted attack” and said “significant police resources” had been deployed to the Bushey area of ​​north London to track down the man.

The murderer, who goes by the name of Kyle Clifford, was publicly urged by the prosecutor to surrender. “Kyle, if you see or hear this, please contact the police,” he said. The public was urged not to take any risks if they come into contact with the fugitive. He may still be armed.

“It was absolute chaos”

The three victims were killed in the same house.

Neighbors gave chilling testimony. “Armed police officers came running, shouting ‘stay home’… they cut us off from the world and practically locked us in,” they said, according to testimonies relayed by Agence France-Presse. “It sounded like children screaming, someone screaming, then it got louder and I thought, ‘That’s really a woman screaming!’ And within fifteen minutes, it was absolute chaos.”

The Minister of the Interior takes up the cudgels

Home Secretary Yvette Cooper spoke on X this afternoon to offer her condolences to John Hunt’s family. “My thoughts are with the family and friends of those who were killed, and the community,” she said.

In the wake of this, Sky News and the BBC reported that the Ministry of Defence is considering legislation to curb the movement of crossbows into the UK. “The legislation is under constant review and a call for input was issued earlier this year to determine whether additional controls on crossbows should be introduced,” a spokesperson for the Ministry told the BBC. Crossbow ownership does not require a specific firearm licence in the UK, although transporting it is prohibited.

This type of weapon had already caused concern on British territory in 2021, when an individual tried to enter Windsor Castle to kill the Queen with a crossbow. Last March, two men were attacked with crossbows.



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