What do we know about this site which calls for the killing of lawyers and left-wing elected officials?

What do we know about this site which calls for the killing of lawyers and left-wing elected officials?
What do we know about this site which calls for the killing of lawyers and left-wing elected officials?

Provocations or warnings? Communist Ian Brossat and other personalities have filed a complaint following threats from “Réseau Libre”, a far-right website. In a publication on Monday, July 8, the site called for the killing of leading left-wing personalities, including MPs Alexis Corbière, Manuel Bompard and former MP Rachel Keke.

These threats came the day after the second round of the legislative elections, and five days after an initial publication that had targeted, this time, lawyers. One of the authors, who calls himself Léon, published a post drawing up a list “very partial” of 98 lawyers he calls to be killed.

“Free Network” is not a newcomer. Since its creation in the summer of 2015, the site has always claimed, from Russia where it is hosted, to fight “the Islamic invasion of Europe”.

A computer engineer behind this site

Although it was not very well known when it was created, “Réseau Libre” (created under the name EuroCalifat) had nevertheless made headlines in March 2017, when it had relayed a fake news story about the suicide of the Fillion couple and the postponement of the presidential election. EuroCalifat had however discreetly added the mention “This is fiction. Unless…” at the end of his article.

Online Hate: Humanitarians Arm Themselves Against Threatening Speeches

If “Réseau Libre” maintains opacity on its authors, an investigation has made it possible to establish a link between the site and Joël Sambuis. According to The world, This man, aged around sixty, was sentenced to five years in prison in France for ” forgery and use of forgery “. He was also involved in a case of “possession of weapons” and D’ ” scam “.

He left France in 1998 using a false passport to seek refuge in Moscow. As part of a Franco-Russian operation, Joël Sambuis was finally arrested in 2002, but Russia would end up refusing his extradition two years later.

“Réseau Libre” is not the only creation of this computer engineer. Joël Sambuis is also said to be behind the site “SOS Racaille”, a site parodying the association “SOS Racisme” and which was active between 2001 and 2003.

Calls for mass violence

“Réseau Libre” will cease all activity between 2018 and 2023, before relaunching with a more radical line and more virulent calls for violence. “Five years later, we have decided to reopen it (the site, editor’s note) to denounce even more strongly the vermin that is murdering France,” the site indicated.

In one of his latest publications, the author claims to see “with great pleasure the next “Bataclan””. He also calls for regular attack “second-rate lawyers, journalists, activists and politicians.”

Anti-Semitism, racism: how to combat the spread of hateful remarks?

The site even directly threatened Pierre Hoffman, the president of the Paris bar, indicating that he deserves “to be the first whose head falls into the basket!”. Faced with this intimidation, the Paris public prosecutor’s office was notified and complaints were filed. The Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, condemned “with the greatest firmness these publications.”

In the event of an interruption, however, the site plans to use several mirror sites, “already ready”, he assures, to continue to spread his hateful content.



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