prices have increased with new customs duties, now too expensive?

We’ve been keeping an eye on its prices since the new customs duties were put in place on July 5th, and now the Tesla Model 3 is more expensive. It must be said that the brand had updated its website last month following the European Commission’s announcements and we knew that it was only a matter of time before its prices were revised upwards to include the new taxes imposed by this institution. Is this enough to put buyers off?

A real increase but still bearable on such a model

Just as the GSR II standard mainly affects the price of small cars, which were often mostly devoid of the required additional equipment, the new customs duties should only have a real impact on the most compact models. On a family vehicle like the Tesla Model 3, which is also offered at attractive prices, the additional cost, although tangible, does not inflate the bill to frightening proportions.

This is how the base Model 3 propulsion goes from €39,990 to €41,490. For the Long Range model, you now have to pay €50,490 to get it, compared to €48,990 previously. If you are good at mental arithmetic, you will have understood that the increase is the same regardless of the model chosen, it is €1,500 and the same goes for the top Performance variant. Reasonable when you know that the brand regularly plays yo-yo on its pricing policy and that the prices of the sedan had been lowered by €2,000 to €3,000 depending on the version at the beginning of the year to cope with the end of the ecological bonus that the electric sedan no longer benefits from being manufactured in China.

All Tesla Model 3 prices (as of July 9, 2024)

Version Prix
Propulsion 41 490 €
Great autonomy 50 490 €
Performance 57 490 €

A difficult end of year in sight?

This is not going to help matters for the Model 3, however. Like the Model Y, whose sales plummeted at the beginning of the year for reasons that are admittedly difficult to explain (increasingly tough competition in the segment and/or the arrival of a restyled model that was too late), the Model 3 has followed the same path, even if it is easier to find reasons for it, the removal of the bonus being the main one. In the space of a year, its sales have still fallen by almost 30%, which is far from negligible.

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To sum up

Tesla had warned us, the prices of its Model 3 have been revised upwards to include the new customs duties. But by how much exactly?




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