Who is the rapper dating?

Who is the rapper dating?
Who is the rapper dating?

SCHwhose real name is Julien Schwarzer, is one of the most popular faces in French rap. Originally from Marseille, he is known for his deep lyrics, his punchy phrasing, and his very particular style. Although he has shone on stage since his musical debut in 2015, he keeps a low profile when asked about his private life. Indeed, the judge of New school avoids mixing his musical career with his daily life off camera. However, the same question keeps coming up: but who is his companion? ? Here’s what we know.

Is SCH dating reality TV contestant Alix?

SCH and Alix Desmoineaux, the reality TV candidate, a couple? This is the rumor that set the web alight three years ago. In 2021, Internet users have long believed in a love story between the two personalities. Photographed in the same place in Spain, then seen together during an evening at a restaurant, suspicions had arisen… However, neither the young woman nor the rapper had confirmed any relationship.

Several years later, Alix returned to this media hype during a TikTok live last January. “Non, SCH is not my ex Guys. This has to stop at some point. Let the boy off the hook a bit, and let me off the hook actually.”said the pretty brunette, annoyed by the repetitive comments from her subscribers on this subject. But if SCH is not dating Alixwho does he share his life with?

SCH, a very discreet artist

Unlike some artists, SCH is very discreet regarding his love affairs. Despite the insistent curiosity of his fans, he has not never revealed the identity of the one he loves. Whether during his interviews, on social networks, or in his songs, the performer of Prequel has not once revealed his sweetheart’s first name. In 2018, however, he told the media Brut to be with a woman, who is also his daughter’s mothernow 6 years old.

Rarely active on his Instagram account, and always alone on the red carpets, SCH will probably not be seen with his mysterious beloved any time soon…

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