LIVE – Emmanuel Macron asks Gabriel Attal to remain Prime Minister “for the moment”

LIVE – Emmanuel Macron asks Gabriel Attal to remain Prime Minister “for the moment”
LIVE – Emmanuel Macron asks Gabriel Attal to remain Prime Minister “for the moment”

The recomposed Assembly, who will govern? After the surprise of the early legislative elections marked by the arrival in the lead of the NFP, no absolute majority has emerged. While Gabriel Attal handed in his resignation this Monday morning to Emmanuel Macron, the latter asked him to remain in his post “for the moment” in order to “ensure the stability of the country”.

The left, for its part, is claiming the post of Prime Minister and is promising a name “within the week”. Will this name be that of Jean-Luc Mélenchon? While this hypothesis was dismissed for a while, this Monday morning Mathilde Panot affirmed that the latter “is absolutely not disqualified” for Matignon. Follow the developments of the situation live.

Upcoming information:

  • Emmanuel Macron asked Gabriel Attal to stay at Matignon “for the moment”
  • None of the three blocs (New Popular Front, Macronist camp or the National Rally) obtained an absolute majority.
  • Left claims post of Prime Minister and promises name “within the week”

Emmanuel Macron asks Gabriel Attal to stay in his post “for the moment”

As he had announced on Sunday evening, Gabriel Attal went to the Elysée Palace to hand in his resignation to Emmanuel Macron. But the latter asked him to stay at Matignon “for the moment” in order to “ensure the stability of the country”.

France seeks Prime Minister

“We must be able to present a candidate” for the post of Prime Minister within the week, said Socialist Party leader Olivier Faure on Monday, the day after the legislative elections that put the left in the lead on Sunday, but without an absolute majority. Judging that it was important not to give “the impression that we are not capable of governing”, Olivier Faure assured that the choice would be made “this week”, “either by consensus, or there will necessarily be a vote”, between the different formations of the New Popular Front.

But who to propose? While Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s name was dismissed for a time, Mathilde Panot affirmed this Monday morning that the latter “is absolutely not disqualified” for Matignon. “Jean-Luc Mélenchon is the one who taught the left how to win again, the one who gave hope to millions of people by winning 22% in the presidential election, the one thanks to whom not only the Nupes but today the New Popular Front was able to exist.”

For her part, the leader of the environmentalists, Marine Tondelier, believes that Emmanuel Macron “should officially call on the New Popular Front today to give him the name of a Prime Minister”.

As before the vote, she stressed that “a good Prime Minister must calm the country (and) unite in his own camp” and that consequently it was “not going to be Jean-Luc Mélenchon”. However, according to her, La France Insoumise remains essential to form a majority in the National Assembly. “Those who tell us that they will form a majority without LFI did not have the same maths teachers as me (…) I do not see how that is possible”, she added.

No alliance between the Macronist bloc and the Republicans?

Without part of the left, the Macronists will not be able to govern. But without part of the Macronists, the New Popular Front will not succeed either… Problem: the presidential camp has made it clear that it will not ally itself with La France Insoumise, a hypothesis also swept aside by Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s movement. Eyeing the Republicans, who have resisted very well with around sixty elected officials despite the rallying of their leader Eric Ciotti to the RN, could also prove to be a wasted effort: Laurent Wauquiez, back on the national scene with his election in Haute-Loire, has warned that “there will be neither coalition nor compromise” on the part of LR.

“This alliance against the RN results in a form of institutional paradox. Voters mobilized, responded to this call, but to produce a France that is ungovernable at this stage,” political scientist Martial Foucault (Cevipof) analyses for AFP. On the left, the leaders of the New Popular Front are once again challenged to overcome their differences, at the heart of an alliance as broad as it is heterogeneous, ranging from Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Raphaël Glucksmann, from the antifa Raphaël Arnault to former president François Hollande, elected in Corrèze.

For Bayrou, the majority without LFI is “possible”

François Bayrou on Monday considered it “possible” to form a majority outside the National Rally and without La France Insoumise, judging that the left-wing parties forming the New Popular Union, which came out on top in the legislative elections, have “political attitudes and choices that are incompatible with each other”. “This election has not delivered its verdict numerically”, reacted François Bayrou on Monday. “The landscape is not yet clear”, added the president of the MoDem. “Let’s give ourselves three days to see who has the most parliamentary seats”, advocated this ally of Emmanuel Macron. “We need to check the figures, that is to say: who is capable of forming a group?”

For Franz-Olivier Giesbert, these legislative elections leave “three winners” and “one loser”

Around 190 seats for the NFP, around 160 for the presidential camp, some 140 places for the RN and its allies… The second round of the legislative elections did not allow an absolute majority to be formed in the National Assembly. For the writer and columnist Franz-Olivier Giesbert, guest of La Grande interview Europe 1-CNews on Monday, this result shows “three winners” and “one loser”. For the latter, if the three camps won, there is one loser: “France”. >> Discover his analysis

François Hollande, Gabriel Attal, Olivier Véran… The results of the main political figures

Many political figures submitted to the results of the ballot boxes on Sunday evening. Among them, François Hollande, Olivier Véran and Eric Ciotti… >>Discover these results in our dedicated article

Joy in Marseille…

When the results were announced, smiles were everywhere at the NFP HQ in Marseille. “I’m super happy. So, we didn’t campaign for nothing, especially since we were coming out of the European elections,” Gisèle happily explained to Europe 1. The left is celebrating this victory, but nothing is decided according to Katia, a long-time activist in the northern districts of the Phocaean city. “It’s a victory because we beat the polls. But I say to the left, no more divisions.” >> Discover our report

…and a blow to Hénin-Beaumont

The mood was radically different on the other side of the country on Sunday evening, in the RN’s historic stronghold of Hénin-Beaumont. “As usual, we are still being blocked. Always the blockades and always the alliances, it’s been going on for years. I am very disappointed, I really thought we were going to get through. I didn’t expect it. Mélenchon first, I am flabbergasted,” Pascal, a voter for the party with the flame, whispered to our microphone. >> Discover our on-site report here



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