The Young and the Restless in advance: The incredible fall of William (summary and replay of the episode of Tuesday July 9, 2024 on TF1)

The Young and the Restless in advance: The incredible fall of William (summary and replay of the episode of Tuesday July 9, 2024 on TF1)
The Young and the Restless in advance: The incredible fall of William (summary and replay of the episode of Tuesday July 9, 2024 on TF1)

Currently in The Young and the Restless Sharon and Nick try to spend more time with Noah. The latter is totally absorbed in the work he is doing for Tessa’s album cover (Cait Fairbanks). Victor has a frank conversation with Sally and asks her to stop spying on William, which she refuses to do.

William continues to put on a show and Adam and Sally fall into his trap. Connor (Judah Mackey) has a hard time accepting his parents’ separation. Fans of the American soap opera created by the Bell family will be joining us at 11 a.m. on TF1, just after Love glory and beauty to evolve in the fictional city of Genoa City.


The Young and the Restless: Nick’s Confession to Sharon

Victor (Eric Braeden) summoned Sally (Courtney Hope) at the ranch. She accepted his invitation even though she admits that it was more of an injunction. Once settled, Victor does not want to waste her time. He knows that she is the one who sent videos of William (Jason Thompson) to his son. He asks her not to deny it. Sally assumes that she is not doing anything wrong. Victor gets straight to the point and asks her what her real intentions are. Sally assures that she only wants Adam and Newman Media. She wants to prevent a counterattack. It is a preventive measure according to her. She wants to have ammunition if he attacks them. Victor is impressed, but he wants Sally to be careful with William. She must not underestimate him. He asks her to stop. Sally does not deny that she feels attraction to Adam. She intends to leave it at that.

At the Scarlet Neon, Sharon (Sharon Case) is concerned that customers are not coming. Noah (Rory Gibson) is completely unresponsive to her complaints. She notices that her son is completely ignoring her. Nick (Joshua Morrow) then arrives. They ask their son to leave his computer for a few minutes. Nick announces to Sharon and Noah that he has reconciled with Victor. Sharon is happy that they are finally all reunited. Noah confides that he has decided to work with Adam, he can’t wait to get started. Nick supports his son.

Right after, Sharon tells Nick about Chelsea’s return. He is certain that they will do the best for Connor. Later, Nick admits that he would be upset if Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) gets together with Jack (Peter Bergman).

William wants to fool Sally in The Young and the Restless

When evening came, Adam (Marl Grossman) visits Connor and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). He brings back the bag that his son forgot in his car. Connor asks his father to stay with them for a while, but he refuses. Connor asks his father to spend Christmas together. Adam promises to find a solution. He suggests having Christmas Eve at Chelsea’s apartment. He will come back in the morning for the opening of the presents. They tell Connor the news.

Au Society, William et Lily (Christel Khalil) fake an argument. He promises to make Adam pay before collapsing in the room. He refuses Lily’s help or pity. He refuses to go home. William plans to let off steam without feeling judged. Lily asks Adam to keep his apology. At the apartment, Lily and William congratulate each other on their performance. William injured his knee, but is pleased with the results.

US Broadcast: Friday, December 17, 2021 on CBS

Broadcast in France: Tuesday July 9, 2024 on TF1

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