Fuel prices could decrease in this major brand, for some customers only

Asked about the fuel price cap of €1.99/L, he admitted to considering lowering the cap. “I am considering (…) for those who are both subscribers to TotalEnergies gas electricity, and who have purchased gasoline, perhaps lowering the cap,” he said on Saturday, July 5, during the Aix-en-Provence Economic Meetings.

The businessman, however, limited himself to this brief explanation. He did not say more to AFP, wishing to question him on this measure at the end of the round table. The subject has been raised, it remains to be seen what will come out of it in the future.

Fuel price cap set to stay

In the meantime, Patrick Pouyanné reassured about TotalEnergies’ decision to cap the price of fuel at €1.99/L. “This measure, yes it is there, yes it will stay,” he declared again. And assured that “it is a policy that has completely met with the approval of the French, that is clear.”

This is despite the fact that “this decision that I made (…) is not entirely economically rational. I only made it in France, by the way.” According to him, it was a “social responsibility” of the company, in the face of “rising anger” over the price of energy.

Measures not strong enough?

Enough to force him to intervene “in this debate (…) with concrete actions”. “Companies (…) undoubtedly have an increasingly important role to assume.” “We cannot simply say ‘all this is not our problem’, because it is our problem, we live in this society.”

The fact remains that in the face of rising fuel prices, Total is far from making major efforts with its cap of €1.99/L on petrol and diesel. Indeed, the prices of these fuels have been, most of the time, below this bar since the beginning of the year.

In addition, other entities offer fuel at much more affordable rates. Finally, some even go so far as to put fuel back at cost price. This was notably the case for Intermarché on July 5 and 6.

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The evolution of fuel prices in 2024



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To sum up

This is an announcement that will undoubtedly delight many motorists. TotalEnergies could reduce the prices of its fuels. This for certain customers only, under certain conditions. Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of the French energy company, has made unequivocal announcements.




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