The 3rd part with Tomer Sisley


By Claire The Monthly | July 8, 2024

Largo Winch: The Price of Money with Tomer Sisley

cinema / action

  • national release on July 31, 2024
  • by Olivier Masset-Depasse
  • with Tomer Sisley, James Franco, Clotilde Hesme

Largo Winch: The Price of Money with Tomer Sisley: The return of the adventurous billionaire

The average person wasn’t expecting it anymore. The fans, for their part, had been kept in suspense for over 13 years during the final clap of Largo Winch II. But the return of the hero carried by the handsome and talented Tomer Sisley pleases everyone. Especially since this third part promises to be very successful, with just the right amount of action, stunts and intrigue. James Franco joins the cast of Largo Winch: The Price of Money and that too is a rather good omen. To be discovered in theaters on July 31.

He was calm, Largo. The bad guys were finally over… Well, no, not quite: his son Noom is violently kidnapped and his group W is threatenedThe courageous hero will therefore have to lead a double fight: save his son and foil the clever plot that is attacking his multinational.

The success of the Largo Winch comes from one part of well-crafted and particularly thrilling scenarios – some critics even say that the 3 opus are the best French action films – but also the authenticity that emerges from the acting. Indeed, Tomer Sisley gives 100% during filming by performing a large part of his own stunts. In the image, we therefore discover a actor who truly embodies his characteroften in effort and sometimes in pain. For ever more realism, director Olivier Masset-Depasse – for the first time at the helm of a Largo Winch – shot a large part of the sequences in real settings, in Bulgaria, Thailand or Belgium…

Largo Winch: The Price of Money is one of the films that could mark the summer of 2024 and that would almost make us want to have one or two rainy days to go and watch the movies!

© Claire Thiebaut for Le Mensuel / photo DR / summer 2024

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