The program of the New Popular Front that Jean-Luc Mélenchon promises to implement

The program of the New Popular Front that Jean-Luc Mélenchon promises to implement
The program of the New Popular Front that Jean-Luc Mélenchon promises to implement

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POLITICS – An unexpected victory. United under the banner of the New Popular Front, the left won the legislative elections after a surprise second round. Shortly after 8 p.m., Jean-Luc Mélenchon spoke from Place de Stalingrad in Paris to call on Emmanuel Macron to appoint a member of the NFP to Matignon.

Objective? To implement the entire program, nothing but the program enacted a few days after the announcement of the dissolution. After four days of discussions, the main parties had agreed to arrive at this joint project (to be consulted at this address). Nearly 150 measures were taken for an application “within 15 days, then 100 days, then during the remainder of the term of office”, declared the national coordinator of LFI Manuel Bompard.

Between the resumption of certain proposals from the NUPES program, compromise on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reestablishment of an ecological ISF, Le HuffPost takes stock of the left’s campaign themes for these early legislative elections.

JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP 2024 Legislative Elections: The New Popular Front unveils its program, here is what it contains


2024 Legislative Elections: The New Popular Front unveils its program, here is what it contains

Minimum wage at 1600 euros net and freeze on prices of basic necessities

The two measures were already included in the Nupes program for the last legislative elections. They are among the priorities of the Popular Front for application within the first 15 days in the event of victory in the legislative elections. The blocking will be done by decree and concerns the prices of food, energy and fuels.

The repeal of the pension reform, unemployment insurance and the immigration law

Unanimously, all the left-wing parties opposed these three reforms brought by the President of the Republic and his camp. The pension reform and the immigration law in particular gave them the opportunity to display their unity, both in the Assembly and in the streets.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and October 7

This is the subject that finally caused the Nupes to explode, with LFI’s refusal to describe Hamas as a terrorist organization after the attack of October 7. This decision had provoked incomprehension, even anger, among certain elected officials on the left and pushed the socialists to remove the mention “Nupes”. In the joint program, the left finally opted for denunciation “Hamas terrorist massacres”, calling for “impose an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and enforce the order of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which clearly refers to a risk of genocide”She demands recognition. “immediate” of the State of Palestine “alongside the State of Israel”.

It also recognizes a “worrying, unprecedented explosion” of the “racist, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic acts” In France, a fairly clear response to the contested formula of Jean-Luc Mélenchon who considered at the beginning of June that anti-Semitism “residual remains in France”.

Restore an ISF (green)

In the event of victory in the early legislative elections, the New Popular Front promises to re-establish a “solidarity tax on wealth reinforced with a climate component” via a draft amending finance bill as soon as “August 4th”The left alliance also wants “tax the richest at European level to increase the own resources of the European Union budget” et “generalize the taxation of super profits at European level”according to his program.

An education component

Within 100 days, the Popular Front wants to “reduce class sizes” to a maximum of 19 students and increase the salary scales of national education personnel.

VIth Republic

At the heart of the various programs of France Insoumise, the VIth Republic is also mentioned in the common program among the measures to be implemented in the long term, “by the convening of an elected citizen constituent assembly”. The repeal of article 49.3 and the establishment of proportional representation also appear in the program.

What the program doesn’t say

While the environmentalists, the rebels, the socialists (and Place Publique) and the communists have found common ground, some subjects are conspicuous by their absence in the joint programme. Thus, the exit from nuclear power, a source of discord between the parties, is not mentioned anywhere. Only the principle of an “energy-climate law” and the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050 are enacted, without specifying how to achieve this.

Similarly, the name of a potential candidate for Matignon does not appear anywhere.



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