International Kissing Day (in the midst of political chaos) –

A sign of intimacy, tenderness, filial or conjugal love… Has the kiss always had the meaning we know it has today?

Not at all! As the website dedicated to this Day tells us: “in Antiquity, it was above all exchanged from man to man and constituted a sort of social recognition”. It would be during the Renaissance that it would have become mixed and a mark of love between man and woman. « From a social rite, the kiss has thus entered the realm of private life.

Social rite or private life, the kiss has never ceased to inspire artists: photographers, painters, sculptors or singers… In short, a disordered anthology.

The “French kiss” in photography

PHOTO ABOVE: The Kiss of the City Hall (1950), Robert Doisneau.

In the 1950s, the “French kiss” in the street never ceased to surprise people across the Atlantic… The American magazine Life So he placed an order with the French photographer Robert Doisneau. This kiss was not spontaneous: Doisneau paid two young people, theater students. This photo has since gone around the world.

On view until September 22 in La Seyne-sur-Mer: A certain Robert Doisneau: exhibition event at the Villa Tamaris.

The kiss in song

And one can only think of a great singer poet, Georges Brassenswhich paid tribute in 1953 to the “lovers who kiss on public benches, public benches, public benches, not giving a damn about the sidelong glances of honest passers-by” (Lovers of public benches). Or in Souchon (The kiss) and so many others…

The Kiss in Sculpture

This mythical sculpture has a very funny story that L’œuvre à la loupe tells us. Before becoming a symbol of love, The kiss of Auguste Rodin originally depicted adulterous lovers who met a tragic end.

“Around 1880, Rodin began working on his monumental work, The Gates of Hell. commissioned for the future Museum of Decorative Arts. The couple of Kiss is therefore at the time one of the motifs of this door. The lovers represent Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, two fictional characters of The Divine Comedy (1472) by Dante. » Adulterous lovers who will be murdered by Francesca’s husband.

“But in 1886, Rodin realized that this loving couple did not fit in well with the representations of tortured characters in Hell, and decided to remove it from the door to make it an individual work.”

In 1888, the French State commissioned him to produce the work in life-size and in marble. The sculptor would take almost ten years to deliver the final work.

The Kiss in Painting

A fine example of Art Nouveau, The kiss (1908) by the Austrian painter Gustave Klimt was made life-size. A saturated space, enriched with gold powder… The Rise Art site provides an interesting study (The Work under the microscope: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt).

By Nathalie DUNAND
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