Latvian cold soup, “it’s better than ice cream”

Latvian cold soup, “it’s better than ice cream”
Latvian cold soup, “it’s better than ice cream”

In Latvia, it is not the appearance of the sun, nor tulips, nor sweaty men in ugly sandals that signal the arrival of summer. But rather a bright pink soup with half a hard-boiled egg floating on the surface like an inquisitive eye, with dill for eyelashes. This is the“cold soup”whose translation – accurate but uninviting – as “cold soup” does not do justice to its flavors or to the gastronomic and cultural importance of this summer dish in Latvia.

Liters, even hundreds of liters ofcold soup are currently being prepared in homes and canteens across Latvia. People sigh with relief from the first spoonful, as the soup passes from the bowl to their mouth, then from the esophagus to the stomach, where it exerts its refreshing effects on the entire body, but also curiously on the brain. During these blessed moments, Latvians cannot help but exclaim: “Oh, it’s been a long time since I had cold soup!” or “Really, when it’s hot, there’s nothing like cold soup! It’s better than ice cream! And by the way, is there any ice cream left?”

Now sit comfortably in your deck chair.

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Latvian Public Media – LSM (Riga, Latvia)

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