USA 2024: After his catastrophic debate against Trump, Biden will give a high-risk interview

USA 2024: After his catastrophic debate against Trump, Biden will give a high-risk interview
USA 2024: After his catastrophic debate against Trump, Biden will give a high-risk interview

If he succeeds, he will not be saved, but if he fails, his candidacy for a second term will really be hanging by a thread: Joe Biden is giving a very high-risk interview on Friday, July 5. In one week, the 81-year-old Democrat has absolutely failed to erase the disastrous impression caused by his failed debate against Donald Trump on June 27.

Since that televised duel, Americans have not seen him speak freely, without a teleprompter, and over an extended time period. He will have the opportunity to do so on Friday, in an interview with a star journalist and presenter from ABC, George Stephanopoulos, which will be recorded during a campaign trip to Wisconsin. For now, the American president remains firm in his position, despite the intense pressure. “I have no intention of leaving,” he assured on Thursday during Independence Day.

Battle plan. And his campaign is doubling down on its efforts. On Friday, it released an intense battle plan for July that includes a blitz of TV spots, trips to key states, including the southwest during the Republican convention (July 15-18), and voter outreach. Translation: nothing that suggests he’s considering throwing in the towel. Biden is also set to host a summit of NATO leaders next week.

As proof that the interview is highly anticipated, the television channel has changed its broadcast schedule. ABC initially planned to show excerpts on Friday, then Saturday, for a full broadcast on Sunday. But it is finally on Friday evening, at 8:00 p.m. local time (2:00 a.m. French time) that viewers will be able to see the interview in its entirety, as part of a special program.

Joe Biden will face a journalist who knows the workings of political communication like no one else. George Stephanopoulos worked for former Democratic President Bill Clinton, both during his first campaign and then in the White House, where he was one of his closest advisers during his first term.

Wind of panic. Facing Donald Trump last week, the American president struggled for 90 minutes to express himself, stumbling over words and losing his train of thought, which triggered a wave of panic within his party. Four months before the presidential election against the Republican billionaire, Democrats doubt his ability to win, and an overwhelming majority of Americans do not consider him capable of governing for four more years in the event of victory.

As much as on the substance, Joe Biden, a former stutterer who has never been a very fluent speaker, will have to convince on ABC by his elocution, his syntax and his facial expressions. Earlier this week, one of the most influential Democratic voices, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, had deemed it “essential” that Joe Biden do one and even two high-profile interviews.

Other Biden supporters have called for a lengthy press conference to gauge his ability to respond with vivacity. The US president, who rarely takes part in such an exercise, or only for a limited number of questions with journalists selected in advance, has promised to hold one next week, but the details are not yet known.

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