TESTIMONY. “I had a scary reaction to my makeup, it looked like I had been beaten up”

TESTIMONY. “I had a scary reaction to my makeup, it looked like I had been beaten up”
TESTIMONY. “I had a scary reaction to my makeup, it looked like I had been beaten up”

Louise Smith herself was having trouble recognising herself the day after Valentine’s Day. It must be said that the 36-year-old mother’s face looked swollen, as if she had just been beaten up. In reality, this Leicestershire resident had a severe reaction to her make-up. “I’ve always had quite sensitive skin and had little patches of eczema here and there as a child. I’d sometimes get a patch on my face in warmer weather”explained Louise Smith.

As she grew up, the eczema she suffered from as a child faded. Until this year. To make herself look beautiful before a romantic evening for Valentine’s Day, Louise Smith decided to test a new concealer “for eyes”. But this product has caused “a chain reaction which ended up triggering the most horrible outbreak of eye eczema”
that she never knew.

His eyes immediately swelled up

However, this mother of two is used to being careful about the makeup products she uses. “I tend to stick to very simple mineral-based products because I know my skin is very sensitive,”
she describes. While she thought her skin was now less sensitive, she let herself go. “I was tempted by a “Shimmering Eye Contour Concealer”she remembers. But she was wrong.

“I loved the look of the concealer because it brightened my under-eye area. But half an hour after applying it, I knew I had made a mistake.”Louise Smith continues. And for good reason… His eyes started to swellAs the evening progressed, his dark circles became red and hot. “My fiance told me my eye looked weird and he thought I had been bitten by an insect”she confides. The next day, she had no choice but to go see her doctor.

Louise Smith experienced “months of agony”

“That initial reaction triggered months of agony, summarizes Louise Smith. The swelling and redness around my eyes just wouldn’t go away. Almost anything I put on my skin around my eyes would trigger another reaction. Even when shampoo came into contact with the skin around my eyes when I washed my hair, it would trigger the reaction again.” For weeks, Louise Smith did not even dare leave her house.

When she did, it was with sunglasses. And never for long. It took her finding a miracle cream for everything to go better..“Two months later, my eyes are more or less back to normal. I use the eye gel every day and the concealer, she explains. I don’t use any other products around my eyes, except for a little eyeshadow on top. I was even able to get eyelash extensions again without any issues.”



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