List of lawyers “to be eliminated” sparks indignation in the courts

List of lawyers “to be eliminated” sparks indignation in the courts
List of lawyers “to be eliminated” sparks indignation in the courts

List of lawyers “to be eliminated”: between shock and anger, the profession is mobilizing to denounce the hateful publication of a far-right site, described as a “call to murder”. “Apolitical” actions were carried out this Friday in the Provençal courts, two days before the second round of the legislative elections.

It resonated like a general alert. The call for the mobilization of professional organizations was launched at 10:30 this Friday within the Aix-en-Provence bar (Bouches-du-Rhône), gathering, less than two hours later on the steps of the courthouse, lawyers and magistrates in shock.We are tired of people hiding, that’s why we wanted to show ourselves“, declares the former president of the bar, Benoît Porteu de la Morandière, in reference to the anonymous authors of a “call for murder, arousing deep emotion in the profession“.

Published Wednesday July 3 on the far-right website, a list of lawyers “to eliminate”, agitates the judicial world. Are registered in this article entitled “(very partial) list of lawyers to be eliminated”, 98 names of lawyers, designated as “the factious”. The author of the article calls for “send these lawyers into a ditch or a stadium [qui] already declare that they will not respect the verdict of the ballot boxes in the event of an RN victory. L’article qualified for “rots“the lawyers who signed a column against the National Rally the day before in Marianne.

Concern is the dominant feeling among the lawyers mobilized this Friday, in the face of what they call incitement to hatred and calls for murder. Benoît Porteu de la Morandière,This cannot have any other qualification since they call for “elimination”, with the very explicit image of a guillotine. In response to the Paris Bar Association, Pierre Hoffman, another post indicates that it would be good if he were the first to have his head cut off“.

Extreme violence which is also denounced by the spokesperson for the Union of Young Lawyers of Aix.The aim is clearly to shock, offend and frighten.,” explains Guillaume Mas, “but we want to show that we are united, that we are here and that we are not afraid.” The local UJA spokesperson assures that lawyers will remain”standing and united“in the face of these threats,”although no colleague from the Aix bar appears on this blacklist“.

We are the watchdogs of fundamental freedoms, guarantors of the pillars of democracy. Our profession will play its role until the end and forever, whatever happens.

Benoît Porteu de la Morandière, former president of the Aix-en-Provence bar

France 3 Provence-Alpes

Guillaume Mas claims that young lawyers, who may be more comfortable using digital tools, immediately responded by flooding social networks with messages of denunciation.

For Camille Friedrich, president of the Aix section of the SAF (French Lawyers’ Union), the discovery of this hateful article was “First of all a shock and I said to myself that it was not possible, in fact!“. The union representative does not hide her concern for professionals as much as for litigants.

Will we be able to continue to defend everyone, to defend fundamental rights and freedoms, the values ​​of a democratic society, still in a state of law?

Camile Friedrich, French Lawyers Union

France 3 Provence-Alpes

The criminal lawyer ensures that a legal response is being prepared, through complaints filed by the lawyers specifically targeted, but also by trade union organizations.

Free network, to which our colleagues at Street Press devoted an investigation at the beginning of 2024, already deplored that “these vermin in black dresses” filed a complaint in 2001 against another far-right site, SOS Racaille, which had also published a list of lawyers accused of “defend the anti-France scum”.

In Marseille this Friday, July 5, the black robes gathered on the steps of the courthouse to protest against the “call to murder” that some of them are subject to on a far-right website.

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Like his colleagues, Benoît Porteu de la Morandière denies being involved in politics, a few hours before the second round of legislative elections.“It’s not a question of the second round, it’s a problem of a general atmosphere and the extremes to which a certain number of people are reaching.”.

On X (ex-Twitter), Éric Dupond-Moretti condemned “with the greatest firmness the publication“. The Minister of Justice considers that “Those who want to kill our freedoms always start by attacking lawyers. I will never let them do that.“.



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