discomfort in C à vous, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine ob …

discomfort in C à vous, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine ob …
discomfort in C à vous, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine ob …

On Thursday July 4, in C à vous, Mohamed Bouhafsi made a small blunder. On set, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine tried, without success, to discreetly correct him.

“Oops.” That’s probably what Mohamed Bouhafsi said to himself in his mind in It’s up to youThursday July 7, when Élisabeth Lemoine took it over. That day, Godo and Ritchie, an unusual tandem, were the guests of the France 5 show. They came to promote the eponymous film Godo & Richie,
a sensitive human adventure on the theme of difference and friendship which will be released in theaters on August 14.

After the dynamic duo had shared a few anecdotes, Mohamed Bouhafsi took the floor to thank Ahmed Hamidi.
“You did us good (…) It’s a very great film. Often, there are films that come out in the summer… No no, it’s a great film and it’s a great human adventure. You two, you are great and you transport us through your lives, and it’s very moving, we go from laughter to tears, that, I just wanted to tell you as a preamble to what I’m going to talk about now”he began.

Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine whispers words to Mohamed Bouhafsi

After this shower of praise, the columnist let himself be carried away by his own enthusiasm. Still speaking to Ahmed Hamidi, he recalled that the actor and director’s autumn would be marked by “a huge release”. On October 16, Love phew a film he co-wrote with Gilles Lellouche, with
Francois Civil, Mallory
and Adèle Exarchopoulos, will indeed be released in theaters.

A highly anticipated film, whose trailer everyone would love to see. The team of It’s up to youshe, clearly had this chance. But the viewers will not have it! While after his few words of presentation on the film, Mohamed Bouhafsi waited for the trailer of it to be broadcast. But that never happened. Instead, he saw a few words whispered to him by Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine. “It’s an off”we can hear the star presenter of France 5 say.

Mohamed Bouhafsi clings to the branches

Realizing his mistake,
the columnist
then tried to hang on to the branches.
“Yes, sorry, it’s an off”he continued. Then, casually, he returned to the very strong friendship that linked Gilles Lellouch and Ahmed Hamidi.

Ahmed Hamidi then took the opportunity to deliver his version of the story. “Gilles is very funny. He is very dishonest, he is a cheat at games, he is dishonest… well, a very good friend, you know! (…) Everything you need to be a good traveling companion.”he joked.



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