What is the “algorithm-free” Noplace social network that is a huge hit?

What if social networks became truly social media again, without having to try to please an algorithm at all costs to be at the top of the publications. This is the bet of Noplace, which seems to seduce young people of generation Z, at least in the US.

Noplace: an “old-school” social network

With its ultra-colorful interface and a sort of mix between a forum and Twitter, MySpace was designed to appeal to Generation Z, those people born after 1995 (more or less depending on the definition). Launched on July 3 by 27-year-old entrepreneur Tiffany Zhong and since then topping the download charts in the USthe social network focuses on the personalization of the page through colors and stars (marking the tastes, hobbies and favorite activities of each person, such as the artists listened to or even the astrological sign) as well as on the establishment of a ranking of your best friends.

Noplace mainly intends to restore some freedom of expression, spontaneity and relaxation by not offering any likes or algorithms that promote publications. According to its creator:

The magic and fun of the internet is gone. Everything has become very uniform. We all watch very different content and have different interests than our friends. So finding a sense of community is harder today.

No algorithm to be on top

Another important point, Noplace is more like a forum since it is only possible to publish textthe only images available being profile illustrations. It is possible to offer a Boost to a message, but itThe latter will not have the effect of moving the publication up in the news feed or highlighting it.

Enthusiastic and buoyed by the welcome from the first users, Tiffany Zhong mentions as an advantage and a difference the fact of do not rely on algorithms (although there are still some since it is possible to display suggestions and summaries of the day) as found on other networks to display one publication rather than another within a user’s news feed, and the messages therefore stick to the good old chronological order.

The new TikTok?

This new social network that no one saw coming could therefore come and play the party pooper by attracting the (more or less) young people on a new platform (TikTok in PLS bro?). It remains to be seen what the economic model will be (quite vague for the moment) allowing Noplace to maintain its place in the hearts of users without going under, and if the current interest will not be just a flash in the pan.

Noplace is already available for free download on the App Store. The program requires 89.9 MB of free storage space on an iPhone running iOS 16.1 or later, or a Vision Pro running visionOS 1.0.

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noplace: make new friends

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