Attal says current government will ensure continuity of state as much as “necessary”

Attal says current government will ensure continuity of state as much as “necessary”
Attal says current government will ensure continuity of state as much as “necessary”

A few hours before the second round of the legislative elections, the head of the current government declared that he would ensure the continuity of the State as much as “necessary” after the vote.

Gabriel Attal assured on Friday July 5, during a final campaign trip to Paris, that his government could ensure the continuity of the State “as long as necessary” following the legislative elections on Sunday.

Asked whether his government could stay on to ensure the continuity of the state, the prime minister replied: “Obviously, as long as it is necessary, our government will do it, of course.”

“We have a government that is hard at work, that is mobilized in all sectors, in all areas,” he added.

Attal takes “things step by step”.

Asked whether or not he would leave Matignon, Gabriel Attal said that he was taking “things step by step”.

“I don’t want to give the impression today that I’m skipping the second round of the elections, because that would mean that I have a bit of contempt for the French vote. I have too much respect for the French vote,” he added.

Gabriel Attal went to the 17th and 7th arrondissements of Paris in support of candidates from his camp or supported by the latter, united in Ensemble pour la République.

In the 17th arrondissement, he was greeted by boos from Les Républicains activists, who shouted “Geoffroy, Geoffroy”, the name of the right-wing candidate Geoffroy Boulard, opponent of the Renaissance candidate Astrid Panosyan, supported by the head of government. Mr Boulard was present, as was Agnès Evren, president of the LR federation of Paris.

Gabriel Attal’s team had to change route, taking Avenue des Ternes instead of Rue Poncelet, which is more commercial.

Another atmosphere then with the Parisian right when the Prime Minister and campaign leader of the outgoing majority went to the 7th arrondissement to support, with the Minister of Culture Rachida Dati, Jean Laussucq. The latter is engaged in a duel against a left-wing candidate, the PS Marine Rosset, who received the support of the dissident Macronist Gilles Le Gendre, outgoing MP but not reinvested in this constituency.

Jeanne Bulant with AFP BFMTV journalist

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