An accident on Highway 117 caused a spill of 14,000 liters of oil

An accident on Highway 117 caused a spill of 14,000 liters of oil
An accident on Highway 117 caused a spill of 14,000 liters of oil

The decontamination operation following the July 2 accident in the La Vérendrye wildlife reserve could cause further traffic disruptions. Route 117 was closed for several hours at the scene of the collision between two vehicles, including a truck transporting gasoline.

According to Alexandre Ouellet, regional director of environmental control for Outaouais, Montreal and Laval at the Ministry of the Environment, a spill of 14,000 litres of gasoline and diesel occurred over a distance of approximately 800 metres.

The contamination then reached a stream and two marshes. How it works is that once we arrive on site, the company responsible for the spill – in this case, PetroNor – mandates an environmental firm to decontaminate. The Ministry of the Environment ensures that the decontamination is done completely.he explains.

The consequences of a spill

The site where 14,000 litres of petrol and diesel were spilled over a distance of approximately 800 metres on the 117.

Courtesy, MELCCFP

Since this is a dangerous material, the Grand-Remous firefighters were also responsible for assessing the risks of explosiveness.

Alexandre Ouellet points out that the area is difficult to access and that the decontamination operation that began after the accident could take a few more days.

We are talking about contamination that can migrate to the water table or that can migrate into the body of water. Here, there is Lake Larouche which is downstream. There is a campsite on this lake. So it also affects the fauna and flora.he describes.

Booms have been installed on the site to let the water pass through, but they block the passage of the oil in order to recover it. Decontamination operations also consist of vacuuming up the contaminated water.



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