Why it is urgent to flee to the Canela Party 2024 – Gonzaï

Why it is urgent to flee to the Canela Party 2024 – Gonzaï
Why it is urgent to flee to the Canela Party 2024 – Gonzaï

Tired of hyper-standardized summer festivals with the same bands and the same burgers from city to city? What if we tried to break into Malaga at the end of August, in the most amazing festival there is?

The Canela Party festival, I was there last year and I’m going back this year. So this could seem like a sponsored article, but no. The experience was so good that I wanted to tell you about this new edition, also to give you some ideas to keep you busy on August 21, 22, 23 and 24 if you still have some purchasing power left.
Canela Party is in Spain. More precisely in Malaga, Andalusia, 3652 kilometers from Stockholm. Every year, this sunny city transforms into a vibrant and eccentric music scene. A great way to end your summer vacation. This year again, this long-awaited event promises to be more spectacular than ever, attracting thousands of festival-goers ready to live an unforgettable experience (“remember” the storm last year for those who were there, with a general evacuation of the site and then the concerts resuming at 2am until the early hours in a crazy atmosphere. Those who doubt it will have to ask King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, since they were the ones who were back on stage at that very late hour).

I’m not just here to eat paella. And the program?

Renowned for its daring programming, Canela Party skillfully mixes various musical genres. From alternative rock to electronic music, punk and indie, the festival offers a variety that delights all tastes, with the presence of Spanish and Anglo-Saxon groups.
On the menu this year, in addition to paella and fish and chips, you will find Big Thief, Slift, Cloud Nothings, Metz, protomartyr, Crack Cloud, Sheer Mag or Superchunk and The Lemon Twigs. And lots of Spanish bands that I don’t know but that I can’t wait to discover (remember when we used to discover new bands at festivals?) like – let’s go a bit haphazardly amigos – Gilla Band, Lisabö, orina, Margarita Quebrada, Fin del Mundo (best band name ever?). And if you think this line-up is already crazy, wait until you see the costumes!

Tonight is a costume party, so don’t pull a face.

Anyone who has attended certain French festivals knows this well: sometimes we like to show off a bit between two organic beers and a dubiously cooked Thai burger. Showing off means putting on a blasé air while inwardly appreciating what is happening. In short, the French paradox. Don’t you see what I mean? No problem, because that’s not the topic of the day.

At the Canela party, we come in disguise and we like it. Relaxed. Serene. Calm. The atmosphere is fun, offbeat. Wait, let’s drop the bomb: this festival is cool. Festival-goers are encouraged to come in disguise, transforming the festival site into a carnival of creativity. Each year, different themes inspire even more original and extravagant costumes. Whether you are a festival regular or a novice, the festive and fraternal atmosphere of the Canela Party should seduce you. Good spirit, good atmosphere, scorching sun, beach just a stone’s throw away. Sounds pretty good to me, right? All you need is flip-flops, beach towel, sunscreen and off you go.

Beach in the afternoon, pogo in the evening

Indeed, the festival is located two tongues from Malaga, on the beautiful southern coast of Spain. Festival-goers can therefore enjoy picturesque beaches during the day and immerse themselves in the excitement of concerts in the evening. Imagine yourself sunbathing before going to shake your hair in front of the main stage dressed as Elvis Presley or Kurt Cobain. Seen from my sofa, it’s pretty close to hell, all that. But when I’m there, it’s paradise. If you’re afraid of burning your toes during the day on the hot sand of the beach, don’t panic, there is a plan B. Malaga has indeed a beautiful cultural richness with its museums, its cuisine and its historical heritage. Hard to be bored, in short.

Ok, but the planet?

I’m not going to tell you the wrong way. For me, a truly eco-responsible festival is a festival that simply gives up on existing and closes its doors. It is impossible to organize this type of event without polluting a minimum and consuming energy. That said, good practices exist (I’m not talking about the dry toilets at We love green 2024, the state of which will haunt me on my deathbed) and the Canela Party is a good example of this by emphasizing sustainability and respect for the environment. From there to saving the oceans by dancing to good music, there is a step that I will not take. However, measures are being put in place to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint, such as the use of recyclable materials, waste sorting initiatives and the promotion of ecological means of transport. The organizers thus wish to raise awareness among festival-goers of the importance of protecting our planet while having fun. Let’s trust them, especially since I don’t have the means to order a quick audit to establish an inventory.

Attention, it’s sponsorship time, so get out your credit card

The Canela Party will take place from August 21st to 24th, and tickets are already on sale. As my grandmother used to say: ” To really pogo, I recommend that you book your place quickly, because there are more and more participants every year and it will end up being a fight with tap dancing. ” So come on over before this all turns into a horrific circus in five or ten years. Ticket options include day passes and full festival passes. Pack your best costume, sharpen your sense of humor, and head to Malaga for a festival like no other. I’ll see you there.

The official website is here.



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