Audio guide against anti-Semitism wins Antonia and Jacques Muron Prize

Audio guide against anti-Semitism wins Antonia and Jacques Muron Prize
Audio guide against anti-Semitism wins Antonia and Jacques Muron Prize

The final year 8 of the Beauregard high school won the third edition of the Antonia-et-Jacques-Muron prize, Righteous among the nations, by creating an audio guide entitled “Urban walk in Montbrison to remember and fight against anti-Semitism”.

“The walk that we are offering you is not a simple stroll in Montbrison, it is a real memorial and civic journey which aims to fight against anti-Semitism.”

A 5 km walk from the Allard garden to the Muron tomb

The first words of the audio guide created from scratch by the final year 8 students of the Beauregard high school under the guidance of their history and moral and civic education (EMC) teacher Frédérique Bronchain-Lavigne, set the scene. It is for this civic action that they won, Thursday, June 27 at the Orangerie hall, the third edition of the Antonia and Jacques Muron prize, recognized as Righteous Among the Nations on December 20, 2001, and buried in Montbrison, organized by the Lexecution (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism) of Forez, chaired by Patrice Blaise.

The Forez section spoke to 727 middle and high school students during this school year to talk about harassment, discrimination, secularism and conspiracy theories. “We need to awaken the critical spirit of our young people,” says Patrice Blaise, “so that they are not the victims of unhealthy proselytism but enlightened citizens of tomorrow.”

Pleased with this distinction, Frédérique Bronchain-Lavigne stressed the importance of “continuously fighting against anti-Semitism. When we began working on this memorial walk, the October 7 pogrom in Israel had not yet taken place. Current events have demonstrated the full value of our approach.” Anselme Bounouar, one of the students awarded the prize, played a leading role in the creation of this audio guide, which can be consulted by all. (see above) . “I like computers and it is true that I have invested a lot in this work to collect and format the sounds of my classmates. It is important to fight anti-Semitic ideologies, especially in the current context. We have founded a solid project, well guided by our teacher.”

This walk, which starts near the kiosk in the Allard garden, is about 5 km long. It passes in particular by the former headquarters of the Journal de Montbrison, in front of the former headquarters of the Gestapo, rue Alsace-Lorraine, in front of the Montbrison court and ends near the tomb of the Muron family. (see below) .

“The Muron family was not aware of the danger”

Andrée Delorme, granddaughter of Antonia and Jacques Muron, was present at the award ceremony. This former executive at Casino wanted to be present at this ceremony, as she was very close to her grandparents. “My grandmother died when I was 11 and my grandfather when I was 18. They told me about what they experienced during the Second World War. Even the neighbors didn’t know that they were hiding Jewish children.” “The police would come by from time to time. They would come and have a drink (sic) and left with six eggs. The Muron family was not really aware of the danger at the time, adds Raymond, Andrée Delorme’s husband. It was very important for us to be there and we hope that our daughters, Charlotte and Amandine, will perpetuate the duty of remembrance by evoking this family story that we obviously told them about.

For completeness, the class of 1re from the François-Mauriac high school in Andrézieux-Bouthéon won second prize for a work produced following discussions with students from the Targu-Neamt high school in Romania, on “The Hidden Shoah: History, Memory, Revisionism and Denial in Romania”. The final year 4 student from the Beauregard high school wrote seven children’s albums based on the story of the Righteous Among the Nations of Forez.

Jean-François Vernet



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