Who is Karim, the 50-year-old businessman she is about to marry?

Who is Karim, the 50-year-old businessman she is about to marry?
Who is Karim, the 50-year-old businessman she is about to marry?

Find out what happened to Miss France

Blank notebook at the Miss! Originally from Calvados, Malika Ménard was elected Miss France in 2010. Since then, the young woman has continued her journey far from the glitter, preferring instead to express herself at the microphone of M Radio. She just announced her engagement to Karima 50-year-old businessman. Who is he, and how did the couple meet? Here’s everything we know.

Malika Ménard announces her engagement

Malika Ménard, 36, has just announced her engagement to Karim, a Belgian-Moroccan businessman almost twenty years her senior. The young woman made her announcement on Tuesday, July 2, on Instagramin a publication where We can see the 50-year-old man from behind, but never his face. According to Paris-Matchthe couple met just a few months ago. They are moving fast, as their wedding is set to take place in an intimate and private ceremony this summer in Spain.

The former Miss, who is reserved and protective of her privacy, wrote: “You’ve known me for a few years now, I’m naturally discreet about my love life. For once, I wanted to share with you some important news: I’m engaged.“. During this complicated period in France, she chose to bring a little sweetness by writing: “Because you carried me through the dark times, I wanted to bring you a little light too. “The darkness must become more pronounced for the first star to appear,” wrote Christian Bobin.. She signed her publication with a combination of their two names, “my queen“.

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The publication shows in particular the luxurious marriage proposal of the former Miss, in front of the Eiffel Tower. The good news was quick to delight her comrades of the Miss France competition, who were Many people sent him their congratulations in the comments.The committee’s chair, Sylvie Tellier, wrote in particular: “Congratulations Malika, you deserve all this happiness!!! So sad not to be by your side for this magical moment“.

The ceremony will take place this summer in Spain

Always reserved by nature, Malika Ménard nevertheless revealed some details of her future marriage during an interview with the magazine Gala. She explained that her future husband proposed to her on March 8, International Women’s Day, just four months after they met. Their wedding is scheduled for mid-July, around the former Miss’s birthday, which will be her 37th. The couple will exchange vows in the town of Tarifa, Spain.. It is a symbolic city since it directly faces Morocco, the country of origin of her future husband. We can therefore expect the presence of many former Miss during the ceremony.

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The young woman is a fighter. Indeed, in April 2023, she was the victim of a car accident which caused her a concussionpreventing her from appearing on M Radio, where she hosts the morning show alongside Vincent Cerutti. She immediately reassured her fans in a post on Instagram: “I’m sorry, I won’t be able to do the morning show tomorrow morning.” She added: “I had a traffic accident on my bike on the way back from sports. A slight concussion, I’ll keep you posted. But don’t worry if I’m less present here. It’s just that I need to rest“. His on-air partner, Vincent Cerutti, made a point of sending him a message of support that same morning. He said: “We are with you with all our hearts Malika, it pains us enormously, we kiss you!“.

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