Fay-sur-Lignon: 4 schools for a final day on the “Lignon retrouvé”

Fay-sur-Lignon: 4 schools for a final day on the “Lignon retrouvé”
Fay-sur-Lignon: 4 schools for a final day on the “Lignon retrouvé”

The SISMAE association, within the framework of youth action, held on Monday July 1st, on the site of “Lignon retrouvé” in Fay-sur-Lignon, a closing day of the activities carried out during the school year. 80 students from 4 schools, Lapte, Queyrières, Les Villettes and Fay-sur-Lignon met for moments of exchange and activities during the day (land art, escape game, treasure hunt, nature observation).

The SISMAE association (Solutions for an Integrated and Sustainable Management of Aquatic Environments) was created in 2021 by enthusiasts, ecologists, and agronomists by training, who wanted to come together to share their experience and initiate initiatives with different stakeholders in the service of sustainable development of territories.

Aquatic Biodiversity at the Service of Sustainable Development of our Territories

It is leading an international cooperation project called “BaseDD”: Aquatic Biodiversity at the Service of Sustainable Development of our Territories) of which several actions were launched at the end of 2023 and are currently underway. This action benefits among other things from the financial support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. The objective is to exchange around the sustainable management of rivers, their restoration but also leisure activities which are an asset for the territories due to the quality and richness of the environments and that everyone can pass on their knowledge.

Un partenariat international

Thus, at the beginning of November 2023, elected officials and technicians from Kosovar and Albanian municipalities, Berat, Prizren Shodër came to Haute-Loire in partnership with the municipalities of Chambon-sur-Lignon, Fay-sur-Lignon and the town hall of Bourdeilles. They discovered several natural areas such as the Lignon site found in Fay-sur-Lignon or the trails of Mont Mézenc in the municipality of Les Estables in connection with tourist activities. At the end of May, it was the turn of the Altiligérienne municipalities to visit the Kosovar and Albanian elected officials. 9 volunteers from the association also carried out naturalist inventories (fauna, flora) and assessed the richness of the territories.

Raising awareness among young people about water cycles

On the other hand, an action dedicated to youth is underway with the schools of Queyrières, Lapte and Les Villettes. The SISMAE association also relied on the skills of Marine Schmitt (Passeuse de Nature) to raise awareness among the youngest and address notions of the large water cycle, the small water cycle. Visits to purification and drinking water plants and river outings were carried out with the children. An exchange with children from Albania is also launched thanks to the partnership with the NGO Eco-Albania and the French-speaking center of Prizren. A restitution day was organized on July 1 in the town of Fay-sur-Lignon, an opportunity to see the children’s work and to exchange among themselves.

A biodiversity atlas in progress in Fay

At the same time, SISMAE is supporting the municipality of Fay-sur-Lignon in the creation of a Biodiversity Atlas for this year. The elements acquired as part of this study will be useful for the preservation of natural spaces as part of the creation of the Local Urban Plan supported by the Mézenc-Loire-Meygal Community of Communes. This action will also be carried out in 2025 in the municipality of Chambon-Sur-Lignon.



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