New T7 details revealed

New T7 details revealed
New T7 details revealed

Volkswagen reveals new details of the 7th generation Transporter and unveils a more versatile version, the PanAmericana.

Expected for the beginning of 2025, the 7th generation of the Volkswagen Transporter is revealing itself a little more. In a new teaser, the German manufacturer reveals new details. And a more versatile version.

Volkswagen Transporter: a PanAmericana version in the catalog

The 7th generation of the Volkswagen Transporter is gradually being revealed while waiting for its official presentation early next year. In any case, the utility will be entitled to a version plus « versatile and charismatic » called Pan American. It is distinguished by a specific style. It thus receives fender flares at the wheel arches.
Or even some side protections intended to protect the bodywork in off-road driving. Which, according to Albert Kirzinger, chief designer at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, will bring a “mixture of robustness and elegance”.
Furthermore, the Transporter PanAmericana is equipped with, as standard, new 19-inch alloy wheels baptized “Indianapolis“. They are equipped with a diamond cut and six black painted branchesfor a neat aesthetic.
“Even without the Volkswagen logo on the hub, the iconic design of the Indianapolis wheel is enough to identify the characteristic design of the Transporter and the brand”assures Albert Kirzinger, in a press release.

New light signature for the future Transporter

The future T7 will also receive, still on the style side, a new light signature. “The front lights and the rear lights are not used not only lighting, Albert Kirzinger also points out. The first Transporter already had round headlights, like two eyes. The new model, too, seems to have a face, thanks to the striking design of its headlights.
Thus, the PanAmericana will receive as standard, in the top-of-the-range version, new LED front lights. The entry-level models will also feature the new LED technology. In addition, the new tail lights of the PanAmericana will allow to recognize the Transporter at first glance.
“The new design of the lighting system also symbolises the entry of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles into a new technological era.”the brand specifies in its press release.
In addition, the van will display a length ranging from 5.05 to 5.45 m. Under the hood, several engines are expected. From thehybride rechargeable (eHybrid 233 ch), you 100% electric (116, 136, 218 and 286 hp), and you diesel (110, 150 and 170 hp).

The French prices will be revealed later. Already available to order in Germany, it starts in our neighboring countries from €36,780.



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