2024 Legislative Elections. What is the government of technicians, envisaged after the second round?

2024 Legislative Elections. What is the government of technicians, envisaged after the second round?
2024 Legislative Elections. What is the government of technicians, envisaged after the second round?

The Republican front that seems to be forming for ” to block ” Will the far right be enough to give a majority to one of the parties of the Republican arc in the Assembly? Nothing is less certain, in this election with several unknowns. The path of a technical government is one of the solutions to end the crisis being considered.

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1. What is the definition of a technical government?

It is a watered-down version of government, which would be composed of senior civil servants or experts without partisan labels, recognized solely for their skills. Benjamin Morel, lecturer in public law at the University of Paris-II, calls them “gray men” Who “do not overshadow politicians”. Such a non-politicized organization would govern a minima on economic issues but not political ones. It would allow the budget to be adopted in the autumn to reassure the markets, and to avoid the even less glorious option of renewing by 49.3 the expenditure and revenue of the previous year.

This government would allow us to wait “a new dissolution possible from July 2025, or a new presidential election”explains Benjamin Morel to our colleagues at Public Senate .

2. In what case could a technical government come to power?

On the evening of the second round, depending on the results, the President of the Republic has full latitude to choose his Prime Minister. This is provided for in the Constitution. In the event of an absolute majority, he should appoint the person proposed by the majority party, explains Professor of Public Law Anne Levade.

If no political force obtains an absolute majority, things get complicated. Jordan Bardella has explicitly stated that he will not accept the post of Prime Minister if he does not have an absolute majority, believing that this would prevent him from governing. La France Insoumise has also stated that it will not participate in a coalition government with the majority. The other groups can then try to create a coalition to govern.

In this context, a very politically marked Prime Minister seems unlikely, because he would not obtain the agreement of the other deputies of the coalition. Therefore, “we can imagine everything”even “ the option of a technical or national unity Prime Minister, if the President considers it likely to create an agreement to govern”explains Anne Levade.

3. Has a technical government already been set up in France?

A coalition “would be unprecedented in the Fifth Republic, which was in fact designed in exact opposition to this type of system”constitutionalist Anne-Charlène Bezzina, from the University of Rouen, told AFP.

The government of technicians, supported by a coalition, is on the other hand common among our Italian neighbours, where such a system has been put in place four times since 1993, recalls Public Senate. In 2021, former European Central Bank President Mario Draghi was able to govern in a period of political crisis with the support of the main parties.

4. Why is the solution very risky?

The idea seems consensual and yet it could lead to an even greater increase in the far-right electorate, if the RN takes refuge in the opposition. “It’s a democratic catastrophe”recognizes Benjamin Morel. People voted for change and you give them technocrats.” For the President, the game looks set to be very tight.



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