at least 200 withdrawals before the second round

at least 200 withdrawals before the second round
at least 200 withdrawals before the second round

At this stage, 118 members of the left-wing New Popular Front have chosen to withdraw, as well as 78 from the centrist coalition Together for the Republic.

Two hundred candidates qualified for the second round of the legislative elections, almost all of them left-wing or Macronists, had already withdrawn on Tuesday afternoon, in most cases in order to prevent a three-way race and to counter the National Rally, according to a provisional count by AFP. Final negotiations preceded the closing, on Tuesday at 6 p.m., of the submission of candidacies for the second round of the legislative elections, while the bar of 200 withdrawals was crossed, in an attempt to constitute a “Republican front” against a National Rally, on the verge of an absolute majority.

At this stage, according to a count carried out by AFP, 118 members of the left-wing New Popular Front have chosen to withdraw, as well as 78 from the Macronist coalition Ensemble pour la République. To which are added three deputies attached to the right-wing party Les Républicains (LR) and an elected overseas representative without a label, out of a total of more than 300 three-way races. Often without enthusiasm, the withdrawals of Macronist or left-wing candidates take place in the overwhelming majority of constituencies where at least three candidates were qualified and where the Le Pen party is in a position to win.

The goal is to prevent the RN from obtaining an absolute majority of 289 deputies. If this were achieved, the opponents of the far-right party would then face the complex task of forming a majority or an alternative government capable of leading France.

What cancellations?

For his part, Jordan Bardella, ready to enter Matignon, denounced “alliances of dishonor” and called on voters to grant him an absolute majority “in the face of the existential threat to the French nation” what he believes the New Popular Front represents. Minister Dominique Faure (Radical Party), who announced her continued participation on Monday, has finally withdrawn. Attention is turning in particular to Hérault and Secretary of State Patricia Mirallès. Several candidates from the Macronist camp who were considering continuing their participation withdrew on Tuesday.

An illustration of these withdrawals: in Calvados, the LFI candidate withdrew to favour the re-election of Élisabeth Borne, whom the left had nevertheless vigorously fought on pension and immigration reforms. In the other direction, despite the «you RN, you LFI» advocated by Édouard Philippe, a Horizons candidate in Seine-Maritime, Laurent Bonnaterre, withdrew, thus offering the possibility to an outgoing LFI deputy Alma Dufour to keep her seat.

There are a few exceptions, such as the Renaissance Loïc Signor who is holding on to the constituency of the Insoumis Louis Boyard, a deputy “against the Republic” according to the presidential party. Far from these national equations, in Paris, the outgoing Renaissance and dissident candidate Gilles Le Gendre has withdrawn and is calling for a vote for the left against the Macronist candidate pushed by Rachida Dati.

“Not a single vote” for the RN

Emmanuel Macron told his ministers that “not a voice” should not “go to the far right”recalling that the left had mobilized against the RN in 2017 and in 2022, allowing its own accession to the Élysée. A way of responding to those who, in its majority like Bruno Le Maire, send back to back the RN and La France insoumise, accused of having flirted during the European campaign with anti-Semitism.

And Gabriel Attal drove the point home on Tuesday. “The only ones capable of having an absolute majority are the National Rally, we must prevent that”he hammered home, emphasizing that “Withdrawal does not mean rallying” during a campaign trip. “I am the majority leader”he reminded the Minister of Finance.

On the civil society side, an inter-union composed of the CFDT, CGT, Unsa, FSU and Solidaires, called for a vote for the candidates “best placed to beat the far right”just like a thousand historians in a column in Le Monde. For its part, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) stuck to its line «you RN, you LFI».




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