“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done”: Matt Dillon is stunning as Marlon Brando in Maria – Cinema News

“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done”: Matt Dillon is stunning as Marlon Brando in Maria – Cinema News
“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done”: Matt Dillon is stunning as Marlon Brando in Maria – Cinema News

In “Maria”, currently in theaters, Matt Dillon takes on one of the most difficult roles of his career: that of playing the sacred monster Marlon Brando. We met him. He tells us about his very strong bond with the actor.

If I made this film, it’s because I couldn’t resist!“From the outset, Matt Dillon appears very grateful, and inexhaustible at the idea of ​​embodying one of his cinema models: Marlon Brando.

For the French film Maria, released in theaters this Wednesday, Matt Dillon reprises the role of the actor in the very controversial film Last Tango in Paris by Bernardo Bertolucci. Maria retraces the life of the actress Maria Schneider, recounts the pivotal periods of this woman’s life: her adolescence and her chaotic relationships with her parents, her sensational debut in the cinema with the filming of Last Tango in Paris, her descent into hell , then her meeting with Noor, a young woman who will take a new look at her.

At this point in my life, I am truly able to recognize how important Marlon Brando was to me. (…) I think there was a before Brando and an after Brando in terms of interpretation. He’s so different from an actor like John Wayne, for example. You see what I mean. He brought vulnerability and spontaneity. (…) He is just a hero to me.”

For Maria, the actor had to learn French, and as he tells us in the video interview above, everything that role entailed was one of the most difficult things he’s ever done.

I had to learn text in French, which they didn’t even leave in the film“, he smiles at our microphone. “I don’t speak French, but I learned for this role“, he continues.

Our meeting with director Jessica Palud and actress Anamaria Vartolomei:

About the choice of Matt Dillon to play Marlon Brando, director Jessica Palud explains: “There were two solutions: either find an actor who was a double of Marlon Brando. Or someone who could evoke him in what he represented: the fascination, the myth of Hollywood. Matt Dillon is Rusty James, the actor whose poster was displayed in his teenage bedroom.

She adds : “He told me that, like Brando, he sometimes reenacted the monologue from Last Tango in Paris when he was young. Like Maria, he became an actor very early and was not prepared for this sudden immersion into the industry. What happened to Maria could have happened to him.

There was something beautiful in the relationship between Maria and Brando, a sincerity in Marlon’s benevolence. In one scene, they speak to each other as equals and he confides in her how disturbed he feels by this very particular shoot. However, at one point things got out of hand. I think after shooting the scene, Matt Dillon said to himself about Marlon Brando, his idol: how could you do that?

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Matt Dillon and Anamaria Vartolomei in Maria

At our microphone, Matt Dillon also talks about Maria Schneider, as an actress.

Maria Schneider’s performance is incredible in this film. This aspect is also relegated to the background. I think it’s important to recognize how gifted she was. This powerful performance should not be overlooked, even if it was upset.

Maria Schneider is played by Anamaria Vartolomei (main role in L’Événement by Audrey Diwan, and seen more recently in L’Empire by Bruno Dumont), whose performance Matt Dillon highlighted on our microphone. “I have to say that I really loved working with Anamaria. She’s a very good actress, apart from that, very natural.

And about the director and screenwriter Jessica Palud, “only someone with his sensitivity can make this kind of thing out of a film, the empathy that emerges from it“.

Maria is currently at the cinema.



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