Forest fires | Residents of Parc Brunel and Parc Dominique can return to their homes

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The emergency measures committee of the City of Port-Cartier has obtained recent information from SOPFEU related to the progression of forest fires north of Port-Cartier.

The organization enabled the reintegration of the Parc Brunel and Parc Dominique districts despite the continued state of emergency.

Thus, citizens of Brunel and Dominique Parks can now return to their residence by taking one of the access points provided, namely rue du Parc (Tim Hortons) for Brunel Park and rue des Chutes (restaurant des chutes) for Dominique Park.

The Sûreté du Québec is present to ensure that the intervention is carried out safely.

The fires are still progressing according to an optimistic scenario. Fires 211 and 221 are moving towards the north and are watered by air and by 221 is also watered by a ground team made up of around twenty forest firefighters in order to stabilize the southern border.

Fire 223 north of Port-Cartier is under control.

SOPFEU plans to shut down at the end of the day and teams are currently working to secure the municipality’s strategic infrastructure.

Deforestation work may take place near homes. Moreover, citizens are invited to avoid consuming water excessively.

In addition, it is still prohibited to light open fires and fireworks.

Poor air quality remains a main issue for the coming hours. It is recommended to follow Public Health instructions.

Plumes of smoke may be observed during the day. For any questions, citizens can contact the citizen line at 418 766-2348.

The City of Port-Cartier indicated that it continues to monitor developments from hour to hour.

Further directives may be announced in the coming hours and days. She invites the population to stay well informed by following the website and Facebook page of the City of Port-Cartier.



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