François Ruffin, campaigning in the Somme for his re-election

François Ruffin, campaigning in the Somme for his re-election
François Ruffin, campaigning in the Somme for his re-election
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Reporting François Ruffin, media figure and initiator of the New Popular Front, wants to save his seat as a deputy in the Somme. And perhaps, ultimately, the left, while the break with Jean-Luc Mélenchon is complete.

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“There is only one guy in France who finds the campaign too long, and that’s my campaign director! No chance ! » In his small office in Amiens, where the posters of his films rub shoulders with those of his campaigns, François Ruffin jokes, half-heartedly, in front of Dimitri’s exhausted face. The scratchy ex-journalist, elected deputy under the Nupes banner for the first constituency of the Somme, is plagued by this crazy period. He who loves to survey the working lands of his country, chatting for hours around an oilcloth and a coke, is clearly suffering from this botched campaign “where you have to do in three weeks what had to be done in three years”. On June 9, we saw him vent his anger in front of the cameras. “We have a crazy person at the head of state! », he blurted. This election, which “organizes the chaos”arrives at the worst time in France, and at home too, where the National Rally won 44% of the votes in the European elections, leaving only 26% for the left. “18 points to catch up”he repeats, still incredulous, to everyone he meets.

A very popular and unifying figure of the left, he logically had to occupy a central role in this New Popular Front that he himself launched, and into which all the left-wing parties were engulfed. A journalist from France Bleue Picardie asked him if he saw himself as Prime Minister, he declared himself ” able “. But since then, the president of Picardy has stood up! has surprisingly disappeared from the national debate, absent from professional conferences…

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