the committee “forced to renounce” the election…

the committee “forced to renounce” the election…
the committee “forced to renounce” the election…

The regional elections have started! Over several months, several Misses will be elected to represent their region during the major Miss France 2025 competition. All hope to succeed Eve Gilles, our current Miss. But one of the regions will not be represented. This is an exceptional fact.

The year of reign of Eve Gilles, our current beauty queen, is soon coming to an end. And the regional elections with a view to Miss France 2025 have already started! This is how Friday June 21, Miss Tahiti was elected! It is therefore the pretty Temanava Domingo, 22-year-old model, who succeeds Ravahere Silloux. Other elections are planned for the coming months, more precisely until October. But not everywhere! In fact, a region finds itself deprived of an election.

All regions will normally be represented. Well almost… Indeed, in New Caledonia, no new election in sight. The region refuses to send one of its ambassadors to mainland France for the big Miss France 2025 event. The committee itself explains this in an official press release: “Due to the current context in our archipelago, we are forced to give up organizing the Miss New Caledonia 2024 election this year.“Moreover, it is specified that this is”a decision taken reluctantly in consultation with Miss France Organization, which [leur] provides support and understands that the priority is a return to calm and serenity“.”There will therefore be no Miss New Caledonia at Miss France 2025“, the committee then concluded. This is a historic decision, this has not happened since 2009!

Miss New Caledonia, back for next year?

Let’s remember…

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