Cocaine, blackmail and change of version… What can we learn from the final conclusions of the investigation?

Cocaine, blackmail and change of version… What can we learn from the final conclusions of the investigation?
Cocaine, blackmail and change of version… What can we learn from the final conclusions of the investigation?

“The investigations are now complete.” In a press release sent this Monday, Olivier Janson, the public prosecutor of Mont-de-Marsan indicated that the investigation concerning what is called “the Kendji affair” was closed. On April 22, the singer was found with a bullet in the chest. Here is what we should take away from the final conclusions.

The singer thought the gun was not loaded

Heard a second time on May 15, Kendji Girac confirmed what he had indicated during his first hearing. “He maintains that he was unaware when the shot was fired that ammunition was in the magazine,” indicates the public prosecutor, specifying however that “this point could not be confirmed” by the investigators, “due to lack of to have been able to verify under what conditions the weapon had been acquired.

Another certainty: “the intervention of a third party is formally excluded”. The “massive” traces of powder found on the singer’s clothes, particularly on his sleeves, attest that he committed this act alone. And support the version according to which his companion was in another room of the caravan. In conclusion, the “shooting was deliberately provoked by himself”. The procedure was therefore closed without further action.

Taking drugs and advanced alcoholism

Here again, the analyzes carried out throughout the investigation confirm that Kendji Girac was in a state of “advanced alcoholism”. “He also admits to having consumed cocaine on the evening of the events,” adds Olivier Janson, specifying that the singer “now puts this action exclusively down to” these two factors.

The procedure concerning the use of narcotics will also be closed within six months, “subject to compliance with health monitoring”, further specifies the prosecution.

No emotional blackmail?

If during his first hearing, Kendji had indicated that he had “shot to impress his partner, by making her hear the click of the gun”, because he “thought she was going to leave him”, he has since changed his version . He indicated that given his state that evening, “he was not aware of what he was doing with this weapon and that he therefore did not want to put pressure” on his concubine.

She, moreover, clarified on May 15 that she did not “consider herself a victim of psychological violence”. In fact, as the offense was “not sufficiently characterized”, the procedure was closed without further action.

No prosecution for possession of a weapon

The artist was questioned a second time on May 16 regarding the semi-automatic pistol he had in his possession. An offense carrying up to five years in prison. He maintained that he bought it in Biscarrosse on April 18 from an “unknown individual, who appeared in the camp to sell old objects”. But this version could not be confirmed and the individual has still not been identified.

As he has “no criminal record” and has “measured the seriousness of these offenses”, he was asked “as an alternative measure to prosecution” to pay two citizen contributions to an aid association. to the victims. What he did on June 11, the day after his interview with the judge.

The singer also committed to undergoing treatment for six months. For all these reasons, the procedure was also dismissed.



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